What is Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) Manipulation

What is Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) Manipulation

Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) Manipulation is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which webmasters generate false clicks on their own websites in order to trick the search engine into thinking that the website is more popular than it really is.


In 2014, Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, conducted a case study with his Twitter audience. At 6:03 pm, his targeted website ranked 7th for targeted search phrases. He tweeted to his audience, asking his followers to search for a specific keyword and go to his website, which then climbed to position 7. By 21.01, his website had reached number one. Subsequent tests have been conducted by other industries, including experts such as Josh MacDonald and Dan Petrovich.

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Click Through Rate (CTR) Manipulation

What is Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) Manipulation

Black SEOs have used a variety of techniques to manage this new ranking factor. Leading SEO Company professionals does not use Click Through Rate (CTR) manipulation to achieve quick results, but still use other high quality pages and techniques to keep the new results achieved.

Software generated clicks

The first software to emerge was the creation of fake automatic clicks. Some examples include SearchSEO.io, SERPEmpire.com, CrowdSearch.me, and PandaBot.net. These automated strategies have been criticized in the black hat community.

Stimulated clicks.

Another strategy that marketers use to deal with errors in automatic clicks is to incentivize real people to click. This led to an increase in the number of recipients on websites where users could make money by performing searches and changing the click through rate (CTR) for webmasters. This strategy is more costly as clickers must be paid individually. Some examples of this service: SerpClix, MTurk, MicroWorkers.

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