What is Picuki Instagram and Its Alternatives?


What is Picuki?

Picuki is an online tool that allows you to download all the pictures and photos from your Instagram account. This application does not need to log in or download a photo from a specific ID. On Picuki, you can enjoy a lot of features like

  1. Download a picture by just entering the account credentials
  2. See publicly posted photos from any of the IG accounts
  3. Edit some random people’s post images
  4. Just crop, filters, contrast, adjust saturation, etc.

Picuki or Pocuki, which one is correct

Picuki is an image editing and viewing application verified through various trustworthy websites. It is often pronounced as Pocuki but is not famous as it has no high rating for its domain on any of these sites. 

Picuki Instagram is available for download and is still operational, but it is not officially banned. It has numerous random social groups that have signed up or created new accounts. They use its fantastic tools for

  • Viewing profiles of family, celebrities, friends 
  • Editing posts and videos
  • Publicly viewing posts from Picuki search 

Guide for Picuki Instagram

Instagram has been one of the most used social networks across the globe. It is the main reason why it is normal for many tools that add severe functions to facilitate application. A comprehensive guide can assist us a lot in using its tools.

This Picuki Instagram application is used to get updates about the posts and images of someone who does not want to share content or information and perform daily tasks anonymously. Most people prefer to remain confidential in their social activities. This app exposes their identity while keeping it silent.

Downloading APK file

The application which helps to keep an eye on 3rd person’s Instagram activities is Picuki anonymous. It offers additional features and functionalities which are free to use by simply signing into an Insta account.

It can only be downloaded if you are an Insta member. It can create massive fun to use its features in other online social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and others. Here people search for 

  • Amazing hashtags
  • Funny posts and photos
  • Viral video memes etc.

Its APK file format can be downloaded from the Google play store. There are also a few Picuki alternatives like Smihub and Jackine. 

Features of Picuki Instagram

It is a popular application that has numerous users on social media. It is one of the most loved applications due to its anonymous feature of hiding identity while viewing someone’s posts and photos on the Insta account.

Some of its eye-capturing features include

  1. It can be downloaded for Instagram without signing into your account
  2. Users can view the history of any Insta account, which is amusing
  3. Posts and photos of other users can be downloaded with just one click
  4. On this application, no one can view your activities
  5. It is a legal and safe application to use authorized by Google
  6. A user can find secure ways to browse downloadable posts

As mentioned earlier, it is an incredible tool. One can use this application at no charge because its download is absolutely free. This Picuki Instagram app is a great way to satisfy your heart’s desire and amusement wishes.

Picuki work

It is a very user-friendly application. A user must open an application from the browser (Chrome is recommended). There is no sign-in option as this app is a search engine for Instagram photos and posts. 

Here are some easy steps involved in its operational working

Step1: Open the application from Picuki.com or download it from the Google play store

Step2: Enter the username of the Insta account whose specifications you want to explore

Step3: Refresh the login page, and the user will be redirected to a page with all videos and photos. Users can see all posts without liking and following the other account

Step4: Go to the search option to explore the hashtags and locations of the profile directly from the search engine. You can take an example of #US to see all posts of the Insta user from US countries.

Picuki search helps to find out what is happening at any given time on the Instagram account. It is incredible in the sense that you do not have to login into any account or follow someone’s profile to view their post.

  1. It is a brilliant application for journalists and researchers.
  2. It remains alert to keep up with what’s happening on other’s social media platforms without having to spend time signing up for accounts.
  3. This app allows you to filter out posts based on locations and hashtags.
  4. Search engine facilitates you throughout exploring the application.

How to use Picuki?

The key feature of the application is viewing posts that are Picuki anonymous. There are primarily two methods that will be able to view Instagram posts and photos freely. The two methods are

  • Viewing photos from hashtag search
  • Viewing posts from account search

Method 1: Accounts search

Just click on the URL Picuki online IG photo picture download (editable) to download the application. It is an easy-to-use application as the user has to enter the other party’s Insta account directly on the website.

  1. Picuki will show all related accounts of Instagram username
  2. User will enter and find all the posts and photos of the third party 
  3. The application has details of listed posts and photos on the IG account
  4. User can download someone’s picture by just clicking on it
  5. Application also allows browsing related posts to the user’s title
  6. Once you view posts, you can download them using Picuki Instagram
  7. User will face no problem with smaller or sharpener thumbnails 

Method 2: Hashtag search

Searching someone’s account through hashtag actually is Picuki anonymous. Here are five easy steps to search posts and posts via hashtag search.

  1. Tap the search window on the PC and access to Picuki URL
  2. Go to the search icon and enter the hashtag you want to search
  3. On search results, tap “Tags.” 
  4. Once all hashtags are displayed, tap the hashtag you want to see
  5. See the posts and photos posted by scrolling down the screen. These all posts will contain the hashtag searched in the search bar.

Editing photo in Picuki

Using this application, you can directly view and edit other people’s Instagram photos online, which is one of the most prominent features of Picuki Instagram. This feature may not be available in many IG download versions.

  • The user has to select a photo or post he wants to edit
  • This application supports to crop, contrast, adjusting exposure, applying filters, saturation features, etc.
  • Editing post is quite convenient using this application
  • Once you have edited it, you can download it with a single tap
  • If you are not satisfied with the performance of this application, you can shift to other Picuki alternatives 

Viewing posts of Insta profile using Picuki Search

Here you don’t need to sign up in order to use Picuki. It makes it unique from other online sites which require signup to work properly. Here are some easy steps in order to view someone’s posts and videos

Step 1:

Create an account using fake or real credentials to use the application (It is optional as users do not have to sign up through this).

Step 2:

  • Click on the search menu on top of the screen.
  • Enter the username of any Instagram user.
  • Tap enter.

Step 3:

Picuki will start displaying users each and everything related to the username via account or hashtag search

Step 4: 

Users can view the detailed posts and photos on their personal Mobile/Laptop/PC

Viewing stories without logging in to Instagram

Using this application, you can view someone’s day status without logging into their Insta account. That raises a question for many people: Is it safe to use Picuki Instagram? It’s a matter of judgment only.

Follow to steps below to view someone’s Insta story in no time.

  1. Select the profile of the user you want to see the story via the search bar in the Picuki application
  2. On the profile screen, tap the stories option
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the story icon
  4. Without logging in to the Insta account, you can now watch stories timely

If there is some issue while viewing stories and posts of another Insta account, try downloading it to your smartphone. Short clips and videos can also be played by downloading the story. 

Similarities to Insta search engine

Many functions have similarities to the Instagram application in Picuki search. One of the most common features is to allow users to easily find other people’s profiles and the content they post via their accounts.

Another fascinating feature is that here you can also view posts and photos posted by your friends and those who have just expressed an interest in your posts and videos.

  • Here a list of users is available who follow you and track your stories, hashtags, and random activities.
  • There is no need to create or sign up for an account like Instagram to enjoy its amazing features
  • Like Insta, this application allows you to search for multiple individuals at the same time
  • Just enter the username credentials of the person, and the app will provide you with the most relevant results possible

Are Instagram and Picuki the same applications?

I would say a big No. It is because Picuki is far better than Instagram in several ways. It has incredible technological features, and its user experience is very smooth. Users can love to use each feature.

Like, if you have been following someone’s profile in your feed or your story, you can directly go to their profile page by just swiping up or clicking on their profile image from your feed or story.

Picuki USP over others

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a factor that differentiates a product/application from its competitors. This application allows users to view Instagram profiles without the need to sign up for an account on the social networking site.

  1. The tools will benefit users who wish to view Instagram content but do not wish to create an Instagram account.
  2. It is available to use all across the globe without any restrictions.
  3. In case of any connectivity issues, the IT team of Picuki is always present to help you.
  4. Picuki does not leave any traces of viewing someone’s presence. 
  5. Any other user cannot get aware that you have viewed their story or posts.

Picuki application is no exception to use due to its amazing features. However, it may have some disadvantages observed over using it in a timely manner. 

Benefits of Picuki Instagram

Here are some benefits of using this application.

  1. It is entirely free as you do not have to register for it
  2. It can display thousands of Instagram accounts and content pages at the same time
  3. Its search bar displays the most popular accounts and hashtags on a single tap
  4. Its editing features like contrast, resizing, downloading, or using other features are absolutely free to use
  5. It does not sell data of any customer’s personal information to anyone, which makes it safe and sound to use
  6. It provides straight access to any Instagram account that has ever been created

Disadvantages of Picuki Instagram

The application does not keep a track record of the overall trend of your preferences and searches 

  1. The application Picuki does not allow you to delete any content from your Instagram account
  2. Account growth cannot be viewed using this app
  3. Some Android devices are not compatible using it, and for Apple users, an iOS version specified is to be used only
  4. It may not guide properly of your project or account details
  5. There are so many restrictions to accessing Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform

Is Picuki Anonymous?

This application will keep your identity secret, and no one will be able to determine your intentions to explore their accounts. You can keep a close eye on your competitors because you are an anonymous user.

All the Insta accounts can be accessed literally from the palm of your hand. Picuki primarily focuses on PCs, laptops, and mobile phones with the best features. You can access its lite version on

  • iPhones 
  • iPads
  • PCs
  • Laptops

There is currently no application released which supports Android phones. The development of Android will be an essential step in the near future advancement.

Picuki alternatives

Sometimes when you are urgent to use Picuki, it may stop working. A user might be disappointed to get no results, so he should know backup websites. These applications/websites facilitate you completely.

A few popular alternatives include the following:

  1. SmiHub

It is a similar site that acts as an analyzer and viewer for Instagram posts and reels. Its algorithm pattern inspects the stories and photos of an Instagram user or another brand. Here you may check and browse Instagram posts anonymously.

  1. Stories Down

This application assists users in recovering info on that account’s recent posts. Users can view stories and posts on public Instagram accounts. But, the drawback of the app is that if your profile is set to private, you won’t be able to see the posts.

  1. Gramhir

The methodology of this app is quite simple as it also shows the statistics of other person’s posts and videos. Its algorithm shows you a path to view someone’s Instagram story stats. Three simple steps include

  • Analyzing your account
  • Predict followers and likes
  • Browse anonymously
  1. InstaXYZ

It is a free viewer website to see random person’s Instagram posts. It is similar to Picuki but not as safe and quick as the latter was. After opening the URL, you will get a search bar to type a hashtag or specific user name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many people are curious to know fun facts and queries related to Picuki: Is it safe to use Picuki Instagram? Here are some FAQs and their answers which will ensure to satisfy you.

Q: What is Picuki?

It is an online website dedicated only to Instagram stories. It helps the user to provide free access to their favorite Insta accounts without being deleted. Similarly, they do when an account is used on a different device.

Q: Is it safe to use Picuki Instagram?

In my personal opinion, it is a trustworthy application as it never fails to expose any user through it. We can trust the Picuki app by checking its terms of services and privacy policies.

Q: Are Instagram and Picuki the same application?

Instagram is a social media roaming app, while Picuki is a simple Instagram editor and viewer application that can be downloaded for free. Here a user can browse other insta profiles by

  • News
  • Followers
  • Hashtags
  • Locations, etc.

Q: Is Picuki anonymous and legal?

The Picuki application’s browsing is anonymous, legal, safe, and simpler than other browsing applications. This app leads you to user-friendly support without unnecessary mishaps.

Q: What tasks can be performed on picuki.com?

Several tasks can be performed using Picuki like

  • Viewing someone’s Insta stories
  • Searching for celebrities by account search
  • Reading comments on someone’s post
  • Review the number of good things on the post
  • Searching for an event by hashtag search

Q: Which tasks cannot be performed on picuki.com?

Many limitations are there while using this application like

  • User cannot change profile setting
  • User cannot make their own posts here
  • The new user can’t get access to comment on posts
  • Livestreaming is not possible through Picuki
  • From a private account, the user cannot download stories

Q: Is the Picuki application free to use?

Yes, there are no charges at all to use the application. The app generates its primary revenue using the Google AdSense program, which is why it is open to the public for free. There is not a single problem faced during the registration process on it.

Q: How to use picuki.com?

Here are some ways to use effectively the Picuki app

  • You are free to search for famous people
  • Users can view posts of celebrities
  • Users can search for positive blogs
  • An option for hashtag search is provided
  • One can read the entire story of someone’s story

Q: Will other people know that someone has viewed their profile?

People will ever know when you are viewing their content because it is mentioned in their privacy policy that users will be kept anonymous. One can view photos, posts, blogs, videos, reels, etc. You can see photos and stories without leaving footprints.

Q: What happens to Picuki when you look at Instagram stories

Usually, on Instagram, you leave a footprint when you look for someone’s story. But in the Picuki app, you can see the story without footprints; it is safe to see it from an external site.

Q: Can a user view private account through the Picuki app?

No, it was never possible in the past. However, you can have an anonymous look at the public accounts only. These generally include actors/actresses having their accounts primarily public.

Q: What if Picuki is not working?

There may be some loading and editing problems in the application, and sometimes even the app is not operational. In case a user can switch to Picuki alternatives because of increasing traffic on their server.

Q: Is it even possible to block a user in Picuki?

Users can restrict access to another user through this application but can’t block a user on Picuki. It can be done by visiting the three-dotted menu in the upper-right corner of the page and clicking on the “restrict” option.

Conclusion on Picuki

It is a free application that allows you to download, view, edit, and save someone’s Instagram photos and videos without leaving a footprint on their account. Users can search for content using

  • Hashtag search
  • Account Search 

You can log into any account with a few clicks and buttons on your PC. You can access almost any account without needing login credentials, making it legal and safe. By using Picuki, one can expand your horizons of success as well. 

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