What is real-time data processing?

real-time data processing

Real-time data processing is a form of data processing that’s used to process big data on the fly, and making the results are available for immediate use. In other words, Real time data processing is the processing of data as it is received. 

For example, if your company uses machine learning algorithms to power analytics around manufacturing defects, collecting and analyzing output in real time allows you to tell immediately if there’s a problem on the production line. In an Event-driven world like today’s, this technology is becoming one of the fastest growing software. 

Platforms such as Memphis which is powered by nats can offer some great features in data streaming, data pipelines, real-time pipelines etc. Kafka is also another great idea with evaluating an intermediate library with messaging queue.

Why Use Real-time Data Processing Software?

streams of data

This is a sequence of continuous data items that are made available over time, and the data source is an originator of the data stream. The data stream processor is a computer program that processes the items in a particular way, usually by splitting into several sub-streams to be processed in parallel.

Processed in real-time

Real-time data processing (RTDP) is all about getting the most out of your data as quickly as possible. This means taking the data you already have, and processing it immediately so that you can use it right away.

Why would this be useful for a company? Imagine that you’re running a website and users are completing transactions in real time: RTDP allows you to process this information instantly and respond accordingly, meaning you can analyze trends or make decisions based on what people are doing at any given moment.

Data processing is handled on the fly rather than in batch

Real-time softwares can help you automatically keeps track of your expenses as they come in, so that you know where you stand throughout the year (and it saves everyone hassle at tax time).

Real-time processing is even more important for big data because it provides greater accuracy for analytics and also reduces costs through operational efficiencies. 

Where To Acess A Real-time Processing Platform?

There are different event-processing platforms that eases the job of developers. Memphis comes as one of the best options for developers. Their features are fantastice and you can complete task without needing complex customizations. Here are some amazing expereinces you can expect from Memphis.

Good Data Pipeline Architecture

This features helps you to carry raw data and transform it into information regardless of the type of data you want to transmit. 

Fast Deployment and Pre-biut components

With Memphis, developers have everything set and ready-to-use components that makes it easier for developers to complete any project. 

Data Processing

Softwares like Kafka are great with their messaging queues. However, Memphis can help mdevelopers with data processes that can build real-time apps, and also assist you in discovering the data you need to collect. 

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