What is site interference on eBay?


It is imperative that, as an eBay seller, you comply with eBay’s policies regarding listings and stores. By failing to comply with eBay’s site rules, the following actions may be taken against you: 

  • Cancellation of listing.
  • Limitation of account privileges.
  • Discontinuation of service.
  • Forfeiture of eBay fees.
  • Removal from the power seller list. 

An example of such a policy is eBay’s policy regarding site interference. What are these policies, and how should we adhere to them? Let’s investigate this in this article. If you are looking for eBay account management services that ensure you don’t violate any of their policies, contact Urtasker. Urtasker has a team of e-commerce experts who can assist you in any way possible. 

What is eBay’s policy regarding site interference?

The eBay Website Interference Policy (SIP) is a comprehensive set of rules that protects eBay buyers and sellers and prescribes a code of conduct for sellers and third parties. Design changes may only be made to options for sellers:

“In no case may a user block, obscure, overwrite, or modify any eBay-generated content or pages.”

Members are prohibited from interfering with the following areas:

  • The header for the eBay store.
  • The description of the listing area.
  • Pages that are customized.
  • Custom boxes and listing frames that are available on eBay.

The style of eBay’s standard results pages (categories and search results) is prohibited as a result of this policy. It is only possible for members to add content to the header and customized box sections on the eBay results page. 

While technically, it is indeed possible to fully style all aspects of the eBay site within a store, this clearly goes against the eBay policy on Site Interference. Consequently, the seller is likely to have their account restricted in the future. SIP (Site Interference Policy) violations may result in the following penalties:

  • Listing cancellations
  • Limits to account privileges
  • Suspension of accounts
  • In the event of a canceled listing, eBay will forfeit its fees
  • Loss of top seller status

You can contact ecommerce strategy consulting platforms to deal with these kinds of issues. 

A brief overview of the site interference policy and its guiding principles 

For those who intend to sell on one or more of eBay’s international sites, the User Agreement instructions must be accepted, which we encourage you to carefully examine. Please also investigate the policies and requirements of those sites as well. There are various customer service teams on eBay sites related to the listing or transaction you are trying to resolve, so please do not hesitate to contact them. They will be able to provide assistance depending on what it is you need.

eBay explicitly states:

“We strive to make eBay a safe and trusted marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Interference or attempted interference with the eBay site, site operations, or policies isn’t allowed. This includes attempts to purposely circumvent our buying and selling policies or the way our site functions. These kinds of activities can undermine trust, interfere with searching for items, and negatively affect both buyers and sellers”.

These guidelines show you the types of behavior that aren’t permitted, but if you attempt to manipulate our site or policies, your account will be terminated. A range of other actions may be taken against you, such as limiting your buying and selling privileges or suspending your account along with removing your listing.

List your products according to these guidelines 

What is your listing procedure?

 It is eBay’s policy to provide a fair playing field for all members and to ensure that a particular seller will not have an unfair advantage over other sellers.

Among the behaviors that are not permitted are:

  • In a bid to circumvent the duplicate listing policy, listing items with false information is prohibited.
  • In order to bypass our policy on prohibited and restricted items, we suggest you do not add special characters to your titles or use incorrect categories.
  • In the use of false or otherwise misleading strike-through prices, comparison prices, or other methods of comparison.
  • Modifying the font color of the seller information area of a listing.

What types of items do you list?

There are certain items that cannot be listed due to policies that have been put in place. The policies that are put in place by eBay are primarily dictated by the laws of the country and the state. However, sometimes eBay members’ input and discretion may also play a part, especially with regard to dangerous or sensitive items.

The following are examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Removing a listing that eBay believes is a fake or replica item from the site. In this way, it will be possible for them to relist it without mentioning a brand name or having a description that is accurate or descriptive.
  • To hide the item’s nature, they remove prohibited items and then relist them without specifying specific details, such as images or descriptions.
  • Listing an item using alternative terms or slang to make it look like it is not illegal.

The way you use your account

All site policies must be followed by all accounts.

The following are examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Making multiple eBay accounts to avoid being restricted or suspended on your primary account.
  • By creating more than one account, you can circumvent the limits set on your purchases or manipulate other features of the site.
  • Unauthorized transfers or sales of a User ID or account on eBay are not permitted.
  • We call this “scraping,” or a process of obtaining information from one site and using it on another site. It is also not allowed at Amazon.
  • Violating a particular policy or set of policies on a repeated basis.
  • Buying your own items.

Further information

Please make sure that any content on your eBay profile page and listings, as well as the Store pages on which your listings are posted, adheres to the eBay policies. The eBay site features and eBay site processes may only be used for their intended purposes, and you may not change or block any eBay-generated content or webpages.

Modifications and additions to content may only be made to the following sections:

  • Descriptions appear on listing pages.
  • There is a reply box on the eBay discussion and help boards.
  • The profile page of your account.
  • Leave feedback in the Comments section.
  • The bid box.

Check out the A to Z index of eBay policies on their website to see a list of all policies. 

What is the reason behind eBay’s policy?

To ensure a fair and safe trading environment for its members, eBay has implemented numerous policies and features to ensure their safety and protection. In order to prevent circumvention and manipulations of these policies and features, this policy was created.


The site interference policy of eBay is clear as a bell in terms of what you need to know about it. To ensure that your account will not be suspended or banned in the future, you should abide by eBay’s policies when selling on eBay. If you have any questions, you should contact eBay customer support service immediately so you can ensure you are not violating any of their policies.

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