What is Terahertz Technology?


Terahertz is known as one of the ten technologies that will change the world in the future. The application of terahertz on object detection machines will greatly surpass traditional detection methods. Filling the gap in the field of human detection is an important supplement to current object detection methods.

1. What is terahertz technology?

What is Terahertz? It refers to electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 0.1 and 10THz. From the perspective of spatial resolution, it is shorter than the wavelength of traditional microwave and millimeter waves, so the spatial resolution is high. From the perspective of penetrating ability, it is longer than the wavelength of infrared and visible light, so the penetrating ability is strong. Terahertz waves are therefore more suitable for object imaging, especially for object penetration imaging.

Our common human body detector will use this penetrating imaging technology. The terahertz human body detector passively receives the terahertz waves emitted by the human body, and after processing and conversion, forms a two-dimensional terahertz photo of the human body. Once there is an item hidden in the clothing worn on the body, it will absorb and block some or all of the human body’s terahertz waves. It makes the intensity contrast between the position of the corresponding item in the photo and the human body background, so as to detect the existence of the item. And show the shape, size, and location of the item on the display. Its appearance has greatly improved the accuracy of the safety monitor, not only saving costs but also improving the experience.

2. Terahertz technology can be widely used in object detectors

At present, terahertz body detectors have been successfully applied to important checkpoints and checkpoints in many regions of Xinjiang, China, bringing the latest security inspection technologies to border detection work. The first China International Import Expo also adopted the terahertz security inspection system and achieved good application results.

According to reports, China Electric Power 38 has invested 100 million yuan to build China’s first pilot test line of terahertz human body detectors and a production line with an annual output of 1,000 units. This will form a complete production standard process and flow. At present, there are large quantities of market orders. At the same time, the second-generation terahertz human body detector and active detection products for the rail transit industry have been successfully developed and will be sold soon. The terahertz person detector is used in conjunction with the turnstile gate to provide double protection and is widely used in airports, railway stations, subways, factories, etc.

The core imaging chip on the object detection machine has only been produced in Europe and the United States until now. On April 22, 2018, the first domestic terahertz imaging chip developed by CETC 13 was officially released. This chip has been independently developed and controllable in all key links and can replace European and American chips. This will significantly improve the level of China’s terahertz human detection equipment.

In addition to the field of object detection, the application of terahertz technology in communications, biomedicine, space exploration, non-destructive testing, etc. is also making progress. In the future, terahertz will play a major role in many fields of basic science, economy, and national security, affecting and changing human life.

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