What is the best product management certification?

product management

Product management is an organizational function that guides from development to positioning and pricing by focusing on the customer and its product first and foremost. To form the best product, product managers advocate for customers within the organization, make sure the market’s voice is heard, and focus on the customer.

There is no doubt that product managers are in high demand. Product management involves development, planning, release, research, testing, and everything else. It refers to the entire product lifecycle, which determines the success of a product. It’s a crucial step in every company to grow a brand and capture the targeted segment.

So, without a doubt, product management is one of the most critical tasks in any business. Even if you manage a small project, product management is just as important as it is on larger projects. Moving further in this article, we might let you know the best product management certificate one should know. 

  1. Product management course by Udemy 

The most updated and demanding course on Udemy is the product management course. You will develop your skills, increase your knowledge capacity, and meet new people through the online batch. The entire product management process is taught, from basic ideation to advanced market research. 

Udemy holds industry experts explaining real-life PMs and answering your questions and doubts. The demand for product management is at an insane rate, and more and more companies are hunting for product managers because they have expertise in enhancing their companies. 


  • Aspirants you are not familiar with the field are also accepted, but they teach from basic to advanced fundamentals. 
  • Assists in getting jobs as a product manager. 
  • Get the best instructor with rich experience in this industry. 
  1. Product manager with a Nanodegree 

This course is powered by Udacity, which covers basic to advanced levels starting from product launch to product strategy. The course journey is four months long, and one of the unique parts of the course is that it includes community access, student-teacher mentorship, and no experience required. 


  • Unlike typical professors, Udacity brings professors from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies with demonstrated leadership and expertise in the profession. 
  • The platform is highly vented with the mentors completing a 5-step hiring process with a Nanodegree program. 
  • They grant personalized feedback after every project, which helps candidates to scale and bring out better work next time. 
  1. Software product management by Coursera 

Software product management is in collaboration with the University of Alberta, powered by Coursera. It helps to practice industry-relevant case scenarios and brings confidence in you to interact with clients in terms of managing and getting in the right direction. 

In this software product management specialization, you can master Agile software practices developed by a team and practice relevant management techniques to face realist case studies. 


  • Practice and apply real-life management studies and techniques to industry-inspired scenarios. 
  • Open for feedback, share your experience and learn from your insights about another part of the software product management community. 
  • Get an opportunity to interact with clients during the course and ask your queries related to it. 
  • After completing your capstone, you will be industry ready to advance your career and enter the product management field. 
  1. Professional certification in product management by Simplilearn 

In partnership with SP Jain, Simplilearn online learning involves a 4th-ranked business school worldwide. This program involves four months of continuous training from SP Jain’s top faculties and live online sessions. 

After completing the course, you will receive an SP Jain global school management certification with executive Alumni status. This program is leveraging SP Jain’s academic excellence and product expertise by Adobe and VMware. 


  • Hands-on experience with learning via Harvard Business case studies and assignments. 
  • Gain the product manager toolkit training like Google Analytics, Mix Panel, JIRA, and many more. 
  • Simplilearn is the number one job-assistance program that helps you to get your dream job. 
  • Learning by solving real-life product developers via Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, and Nike. 
  1.  Post-graduate certificate in product management by Upgrad 

PG certificate course by Upgrad presents course content in detail, with examples in almost all the topics, and quizzes are part of the course content, which gives us confidence in how much we were able to grasp the course content. More importantly, course content is explained by experts in the industry like BookMyShow, and many more. 

The most beautiful part is the assignments. Assignments need to be done on real-time industry topics. They have a strict deadline for submission, which enables us not to skip the deadline and submit on time. Also, detailed feedback would be provided as part of the assignment assessment, allowing us to know the points that need correction.


  • Student-teacher mentorship is available all time during the course. 
  • Conducted various workshops. 
  • Few webinars where industry experts come and share their valuable experiences. 
  • After completing the course, you can get into different fields according to your interest. 
  1. Management of New products and services by NPTEL 

This course offered by NPTEL is a postgraduate level course on new product/service development. It provides case illustrations of theoretical concepts to give you a better understanding of product management. 

The procedure takes you through various methods for identifying opportunities and how to transform those opportunities into commercially viable products and services.


  • The objective is to acquaint the participants with the multiple steps of new product development and enable them to make marketing plans for successfully commercializing their ideas.
  • The course provides case illustrations of theoretical concepts which get familiar with various steps of new product development. 
  • The course teaches marketing plans for successfully commercializing ideas and techniques for various aspirants. 


Online Product Management programs are in high demand among working professionals who wish to take their careers to the next level. Completing these reputable courses will help individuals apply for sought-after roles like Product Analyst, Associate Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, and more.

Join the best course, and turning your investment into a dream job is what is needed. Hence, choose your paths wisely for your product management certificate program. 

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