What is the difference between hoodie and sweatshirt?

What is the difference between hoodie and sweatshirt?

A wardrobe is considered a reflection of a person, however, most cannot say what a hoodie, a sweatshirt is or how they differ. The popularity of both types of clothing can only be compared with jeans. What is commonly referred to as the jacket is svitshotom, hooded sweatshirts – hoodies or sweatshirts. There are other differences between hoodie and sweatshirt that allow you to choose the perfect solution depending on the season, physique or personal taste.

What is a hoodie?


A hoodie is a type of sweater with a hood made of fleece or cotton jersey. Additional features of this model include a clasp and a stand-up collar. A good American apparel pullover hoodies are made of soft, warm and windproof fabric. It does not hinder movement, thanks to which it is in demand among athletes. The existence of fashion lines made such models popular for everyday wear.

Explaining in simple terms, what is the difference between hoodie and sweatshirt, you can point to the fastener. The second does not have it. There is also a slight difference in the pockets. Sweatshirts have simple pockets on the sides, hoodies have kangaroo pockets placed slightly in the front. Otherwise, both varieties are very similar.

What is a sweatshirt?


A sweatshirt is a kind of sweater without a hood, cut like a sweatshirt and is sewn from a dense jersey. Understanding the difference between hoodie and sweatshirt, it is necessary to point out the absence of the second fastener and hood. There is a small round cutout with an elastic band. In most cases, the sweatshirt has no pockets, but sometimes they “hide” in the seams.

Difference between hoodie and sweatshirt

As mentioned, a sweatshirt is what is commonly referred to as a simple sweatshirt. Most people have at least one model in their wardrobe.

From English “hoodie” is translated as “hood”. The hoodie is very similar to the sweatshirt, it also has a hood and belongs to the category of sports style. 

The main difference between hoodie and sweatshirt and sweatshirt is the presence of a through pocket. Due to this, it is also called “kangaroo”. A hoodie doesn’t have a zipper. This attribute of clothing differs from sweatshirts. Firstly, Size, and secondly – the purpose of the hood. 

The main difference from a sweatshirt is the presence of a hood and a style: the hoodie is elongated and can reach mid-thighs.

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Which is better – a hoodie or a sweatshirt?


Both options have their own advantages.You can create a very clear system depending on the season:

  • Summer. A sweatshirt would be an ideal choice. There is always a special triangular insert with a thinner fabric on the collar. It is designed to evaporate sweat quickly;
  • Autumn. It is better to give preference to a hoodie, what it is and what advantages it has now should be clear. Thanks to the warm hood and stand-up collar, this model perfectly protects from frost and wind;
  • Winter. Many people wear a sweatshirt over a hoodie. The dense fabric of the hood of the second one serves as a substitute for a scarf;
  • Spring. It’s worth choosing a hoodie. The hood will allow you to wear lighter clothes, but with the ability to warm your ears at any time.

A large number of models are sold with different fabric thicknesses. Hoodie lovers can find a suitable solution for the summer season.

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Which option is currently in vogue?


Having figured out what a sweatshirt, sweatshirt and hoodie is, you should study fashion trends. Both options are in demand among men and women, but special attention should be paid to design. Monochrome models are out of fashion, it is better to order an option with an interesting print. Maybe a favorite character or a set of drawings.

A sweatshirt looks better with jeans, if a jacket is also worn on top – a hoodie. The second option is not combined with heels, so it is better for women of fashion to choose a sweatshirt. Red, brown or blue shades are trending, black remains versatile.

A sweatshirt is a popular term for not only hoodie and sweatshirt, the difference between which is now obvious. Understanding the real name will help you quickly understand the assortment, not embarrass yourself in fashion circles and just get to know your own preferences better.

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