What kind of person am I?

What kind of person am I?

What kind of person am I? – we often ask ourselves, being in a pensive mood. We are always interested in our deeper thoughts and motives, and sometimes it is not so easy to understand what kind of person I am. From the outside, people can evaluate us and do it, but they cannot know all the moments, they are not in our place, not in our skin, so to speak. In fact, even a person, evaluating himself, cannot fully draw the correct conclusion. But this does not mean that introspection is not necessary.

Self-analysis is perhaps one of the important points that a person should be able to do.

What kind of person am I? – the question is complex and you need to take it seriously. This article will examine personality inclinations using a variety of examples. Putting yourself in the place of the hero of the story, you can see yourself from the outside and understand what kind of person you are.

To begin with, a simple situation. What will you do?

You have come to visit. You have limited time and intend to leave on time because you already have serious plans for tomorrow. During the evening, situations occur that can show what you really are. First, you were offered a drink, although you decided not a drop in your mouth, then someone from the opposite sex began to flirt with you, which looks indecent, then the whole campaign wanted to walk around the city at night, which was also not part of your plans. In these three situations, did you concede or not? Have you violated your moral standards or were you able to keep your conscience clear?

Honest answers to these questions will show you who you really are and can help determine what needs to be worked on.

My dignity.

Better to start with the positive! Analyze yourself for your merits.

3 aspects

  1. Talents that are based on your innate ability and that can be a plus when used correctly.
  2. The skills and abilities you have acquired.
  3. Qualities from nature and developed.

If you cannot list your merits, then you do not know very well what kind of person you really are. Your self-esteem largely depends on your merits. If you do not know how “good” I really am, you will consider yourself “bad” and worse than I really am.

Pay special attention to the skills and qualities that you have developed yourself, through your work. The biggest victory is victory over yourself! In fact, only strong personalities develop and can be satisfied with themselves without exaggeration.

You can stand in front of the mirror, you can sit comfortably in a chair and write your merits on a piece of paper and seriously think about what kind of person you really are. After such introspection, many people feel better and want to be even better and continue to work on themselves, not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved!

Do not exaggerate or underestimate your dignity, because you are answering the question what kind of person I really am ?! Let it be a few skills that you actually own and qualities that are visible in you with the naked eye.

For example, Your merits.


If you are naturally slim, that’s good. But your plus is also that you were able to maintain this harmony! Indeed, in fact, if you did not take care of yourself from your slender body, it would turn out without a uniform. And if you actually lost weight, changed your appearance, then this is an already acquired skill and your big plus.


For example, you are organized. If you show this quality for the benefit of yourself and others, then this is your real plus. However, if you use your organization to show others that they are worse than you, then of course this is already your flaw. It is also worth evaluating your organization not only at work, but also at home and in your head. For example, are things in the closet in order when they are not visible to others? Do I only clean up when guests come to visit me? If you have order in everything, then organization is your strong point.

Another good quality is kindness. In fact, you meet her less and less. What you really are in relation to kindness, an analysis of your attitude towards those who are below you and who are weaker than you will help. It is easy to show kindness and humility towards your boss and whoever you depend on. But is it easy for you to be kind to those who depend on you? If you are really kind to people with disabilities, animals, children, the elderly, then this is your dignity.

If it seems to you that it is too deep and wide, then remember that you want to know “What kind of person are you?” It cannot be said about a person that he is kind in one act, which, moreover, was beneficial to him. Kindness should be complete and evident in different areas.

In order to analyze yourself according to them, you can clarify the definition of these qualities.

My flaws.

Knowing your weaknesses or shortcomings is also necessary for the development of yourself as a person. These are your weak points, your Achilles’ heel. Where it is thin, it is torn. Therefore, if you know your shortcomings, then you can work on yourself purposefully.

Is laziness me?

For example, let’s take laziness… Often in the family you can hear complaints about the husband that he is actually lazy, which he has never seen, and about children, that laziness was born ahead of them. But it is worth thinking about laziness more broadly and objectively. Intentional laziness, malicious laziness, constant and causing devastation – everyday, emotional – this is really a disadvantage. But laziness cannot be called the desire to sleep longer on the weekend or the occasional desire to watch a movie. What kind of person are you – lazy or not? What are my domestic people – hard lazy people or just working people tired for a week? Life often has a frantic pace and if it is no longer possible for you to reconcile rest, work and family life, then you should think about it seriously. If you do not carry out introspection, then this will lead to depletion of strength and then the person will be forced to reduce the load and then you will understand that moderate rest is necessary and does not mean laziness.

Is it my pride?

Another quality is pride. A confident, self-sufficient person who organizes everything and everyone commands respect and is worthy of praise. But if at the same time a person constantly humiliates others, elevates himself, categorically does not take the opinion of others into account, does not take advice, then this is obvious pride. Such a person sees only himself and tries very hard to do everything well, but forgets. That his success and success, in principle, is not achieved alone. He wants respect for himself, but he has a hard time respecting others. To some extent, everyone has pride, but in the form of self-respect and a normal desire to be recognized in society. What I really can see is the attitude of others around you – they may shun you, fearing to hear harsh criticism from you, they do not give you advice and try not to have serious business with you.

Honestly admitting to yourself and understanding what kind of person I am is not easy when you honestly talk about your disadvantages. But this is necessary in order to know what to work on. Also, as they say in one catch phrase “if you are at the bottom, then there is only one way out – up.” Therefore, the awareness of their disadvantages can also be an incentive to start a change, because the exit or further degrade or change.

What are my goals?

Why is it important?

Because depending on the goals, you can also see what kind of person you are. You can be sweet and kind by nature in fact, but absolutely not a developing person as a person.

No one can change overnight and no one demands it, but the years show the state and personality of what kind of person I am. Why is it important? Because in psychology, we can also say that the law of thermodynamics is at work – “everything left unattended turns into chaos. ” If you do not work on yourself and do not purposefully keep your kindness or any other positive quality, then over time it can be depleted or even disappear and not be your character. It’s like flowers in the garden. They need care, and without it they wither and disappear.

Conversely, a person with disabilities and who understands that he needs to change can sincerely make efforts to do this and have a result. This approach will characterize a person more positively. Others often notice even small changes in a person’s personality, which he himself may underestimate. In fact, this approach is more appreciated by society and leads to good results.

What an incorrigible I am!

Some people belittle this, expecting quick results. However, it is worth remembering that character, personality traits are acquired and developed over the years and very imperceptibly. Therefore, you should not wait for changes in the blink of an eye. In fact, the process of changing character traits is a combination of efforts, changes in the environment and strong motivation.

Of course, goals can be more than just character improvement. After all, there are so many interesting and really exciting and desirable things in the world. Striving for something, the desire to develop is, in principle, a good characteristic. In fact, it is better to develop than not to develop.

Unlike character, which does not change as quickly as we would like, some of our goals and dreams can be realized much faster.

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