What Makes Garnet Special – Interesting Facts

Garnet is a very rare gem found in a few parts of the world. This gemstone also has a long and interesting history that many people do not know. Garnet is not as popular as other gemstones and even many people do not know this stone. It has a shape like that of the pomegranate fruit.

This gem is the birthstone of people born in January. You can also gift a ring of real garnet stone on your 2nd wedding anniversary to your partner. This blog highlights some of the most beautiful facts about Garnet stone.

What is Garnet?

Many of us do not know what a garnet stone is. Let us discuss this stone in detail in this section. Garnet stone looks like seeds of the pomegranate fruit. This stone receives its name from the word “gernet” and the Latin word “garanatus”. Gernet means dark red and the meaning of garanatus is seed-like.

Garnet is available in red and various other colors such as orange, purple, green, and pink. But the red garnets are very popular in the world.

Interesting Facts About Garnet

January’s birthstone has a deep red shade. It symbolizes love and passion. Apart from that, the gemstone also has different facts such as:

1. Symbol of Friendship

Every gemstone has some meaning. Garnet is taken as a symbol of friendship, health, romance, peace, and passion. It was also used to get pure thoughts and do good deeds. In ancient times, people used to believe that garnets gave blessings to perform good deeds.

2. Healing Benefits of Garnet

Have you ever heard of the healing properties of garnet? Well, this stone is used to cure many physical and mental issues. In the Middle age, garnet was used to reduce depression and stress. Besides, it also reduces nightmares and gives relief from pain in the body. Many nobles used this stone in the past to reduce various physical problems.

3. Stone Belongs to The Egyptians

Experts say that garnet was discovered around 3800 BC. It is also estimated that garnet was found in Egyptian art and work in the ancient period. People took garnets as a symbol of good health in those days.

In ancient days, garnet was used in making beads for beautiful necklaces. It was used like an inlay for carvings. People used this stone for many other tasks as well.

4. Belongs to A Group of Minerals

When it comes to garnet, people normally believe that it is a gemstone. But it is actually from the group of minerals. Some minerals are like gems and are called gemstones. Garnet is formed when different minerals are combined such as pyrope, almandine, uvarovite, andradite, grossularite, and spessartine. 

A common mineral in this group is red-brown almandine. The most expensive mineral in the group is Pyrope as it has a deep red color.

5. Available in Different Hues

You must have heard of red-colored garnets until now. But this mineral is found in various other colors such as green, orange, and pink. The most well-known color of garnet is blood red.

If you want a different garnet for making a ring or earrings, choose red pyrope garnet, pink rhodolite garnet, green demantoid garnet, and orange spessartite garnet stones. Garnet does not come in a blue shade.

6. Durable Gem

In the race of hardness and durability, the garnet gem is better than many other gems. If you think of purchasing a garnet ring or a pair of earrings, go for it. Garnet will not break even after thousands of years. However, you must take proper care of garnet jewelry to use it for a long time.

Garnet gets ranked between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale in terms of hardness. You can scratch garnet with harder substances and some other gems. It is a long-lasting gem to use for jewelry.

7. History of This Gemstone

Garnet has a very nice history just like other kinds of gemstones. Many cultures mentioned Garnet in their books, traditions, and history. Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used this gemstone for various purposes.

One of the biggest garnet jewelry producers in the 19th century was Czechoslovakia. Many manufacturers in this country used to make a variety of garnet jewelry. They used Bohemian garnets to make rings, pendants, and other pieces of jewelry.

Greeks used to give garnets to their lovers for a safe journey. This stone protected the lovers from enemies. It was also associated with love and romance. People in those days used to believe that garnet stones reduced problems between lovers.

8. Used for Industrial Purposes

Among its many uses, garnet is also used for industrial purposes. Many garnet stones are available in cheap quality. People use this low-quality mineral in industries in making sandblasting.

Because of their amazing hardness, garnets are widely used in creating different things by mixing with water and steel.

9. Reduces Inflammation and Skin Disorders

Garnet has many benefits for your skin and body. It reduces stress and hypertension and relaxes your brain. Apart from that, gemstone is also used to improve skin color and treat various skin-related problems. Many people used garnets in the olden times to cure inflammation and blood disorders.

10. Not a Glass Stone

The looks of simulated glass stones are similar to red garnets. So, many people think that simulated glass stone is a red garnet. These glass stones are used since the Victorian era in making different rings and earrings.

A combination of a real garnet stone and a glass piece gives a simulated glass stone. You can get the jewelry of simulated glass stones at a lower rate.

Final Words

Today, garnets are widely used in making engagement rings, earrings, and pendants for necklaces. You can find timeless designs in garnets on the online sites of jewelers. Customized designs for garnet rings or earrings can be found in local jewelry stores or shops. It is a good option to gift a garnet ring to your wife on 2ndmarriage anniversary.

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