What really happens in a Pokeball?


We have seen them in series, movies, and video games, but we still had no answer for one of their best-kept secrets until now. We are referring specifically to the Pokeballs, essential elements not only for trainers to be able to capture the creatures they find along their way but also to transport those who are already part of their team.

Since the saga was born, its fans have wondered what happens when a Pokémon returns to its Pokeball? Pokeballs are a baffling concept. When the ball comes into contact with a Pokémon, it transforms it into energy and propels it. That is, at least, how it seems in the anime. In the games, Pokémon shrink into balls. In either instance, they are drawn into the ball.

Recently, a site editor had the opportunity to talk with one of the Pokémon Sun and Moon games producers. She took the opportunity to ask him about what was inside these Pokéballs.

“I think it’s safe to say that the inside of a Pokeball is quite comfortable. It’s a very comfortable environment,” The producer explained. “It could be the equivalent of a luxury hotel suite,” he added. So everybody concerned about the conditions in which Pokémon are confined in Pokeballs for this long may breathe a sigh of relief.

What does the inside of a Pokeball look like?

A look inside a Pokeball from the anime (pictured above) shows that they are indeed hollow, but they use some form of technology to accomplish their purpose. This does not mean that something cannot simply be physically placed inside it. Different items throughout the games, such as the various Pokémon healing items, are found throughout the game world, seemingly stored in Pokeballs. 

Because a human cannot be captured inside a Pokeball, any other item found within one was most likely put there. The gadget is being closed around them. The high-tech elements of Pokémon, on the other hand, reinforce the idea that Pokeballs are some cutting-edge technology that borders on science fiction.

The interior of a standard Pokeball appears to have some reflective material, evenly spaced orange nodes, and a larger green component on the concave side. These components combine to produce the hardware that controls the energy bolts that catch and release Pokémon. While the graphic depicts the interior of a Pokeball, it does not help to understand how the technology works.

Pokémon have been living inside Poké Balls for a long time.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Steam-powered wooden Pokeballs are the latest example of not being incredibly advanced technology, at least not in the Pokémon universe.

Legends: Arceustakes place in the Hisui region, eventually becoming known as Sinnoh. While no exact time frame is given for the game, Jubilife Village’s society appears almost entirely pre-industrial, still using pages for its fledgling Pokédex but still possessing items that can dematerialize a Pokémon for storage purposes. Perhaps the game itself sheds more light on the inner workings of the Poké Balls. Still, this rudimentary evidence for theories suggests that the Balls manipulate the latent energy within the target Pokémon.


The inside technique or technology used for the Pokeball is still a mystery to its lovers. But regardless of how the producers pulled that off, the anime lovers will keep playing the game. However, if you ever need to get the several collections of Pokémon, visiting the best Pokémon toy store to get it at a reasonable price is the best option. Follow the link to get to the store.

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