What To Ask A Divorce Lawyer on Your First Visit

Divorce Lawyer

When preparing for your first meeting with your divorce lawyer, you should prepare some questions in your mind that need to be asked by your lawyer. Though you are going through an emotional roller coaster in your life, framing questions is important. Experienced divorce lawyers like New York City Divorce lawyers give you a smooth experience to overcome your stress period.

How to Communicate During the Case?

You and your lawyer should discuss your communication preferences. The communication channels are 

  • Face to Face meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Video Conferencing
  • Emails

Communication will not be suitable when your lawyer is comfortable with digital communication and you prefer phone calls. Your lawyers should be able to customize the modes of communication according to your preferences and comfort levels. Different situations may demand different modes of communication. Sometimes, a short text message through email will be suitable, but sometimes, long phone calls are required to discuss.

What are the Things You Need to Know About Me?

When you meet the lawyer for the first time, you may be struggling with where to start your story and where to end. Sometimes, the history and experiences of years are difficult to summarize within a one or two-hour meeting. So you can ask about the important things the lawyers require to know.

What Will be the Expenses?

Before finalizing to work with the lawyers, you should understand the fee structure and the approximate total expenses of the case. The total costs are divided into two broad categories: an hourly rate and a retainer fee. You should ask the divorce attorney about hidden costs if any, so that you do not get shocked about the charges later on. You should look for other lawyers if the fees do not fit your budget.

What Shall be the Duration of the Case?

Though no lawyers can provide guarantees about the duration of the case, experienced lawyers give you an approximate period when the cases are similar to their previous cases. Your case will depend upon one or the other factors like 

  • Child Support
  • Alimony 
  • Child Custody
  • The number of assets is to be divided

What are the Communications Required with My Spouse?

Though you should discuss your divorce with your spouse, you should not disclose your discussions with your attorney with your spouse. When you are struggling with communication with your spouse about what to tell and what not to tell, you can seek guidance from your attorney.

What should be my Next Steps after this Meeting?

Some spouses require immediate services, and others may wait for months before filing the case. New York City Divorce Lawyer will provide a retainer contract, and you will be required to provide deposit money( retainer fee) to the lawyer if he takes your case.


Before deciding to select a divorce lawyer, you can check their reviews and testimonials and ask about their fees. When the expenses fit into your budget, then only you should go forward and choose your lawyer.

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