Since the sanctions applied by the US to Chinese tech giant Huawei in 2019, it has faced some downwards trend in buying. The company sold out its sub-brand Honor, Huawei’s 5G technology, and several other operations took a dig. 

But despite everything, Huawei’s P40 & Mate40 remained in place and were very top-end devices in the market. And the Chinese giant Huawei remains at the top of the smartphone market. But we also expect a lot more from the company in 2022, as described in this article. Keep reading.

Expectations in 2022 from Huawei

  • Return of Google Apps:

Consumers of the tech giant Huawei want its phones to return with the google apps. The return of Google is not in Huawei’s hands. During the ban, Huawei has improved the customer support and features of Huawei’s App Gallery and petal search throughout the hard years. 

The Huawei P40 Pro & Mate 40 pro are some of the most solid devices but are almost very hard to recommend because a majority of the consumers depend upon the Google services such as maps & drive. 

  • A Harmony OS smartphone:

Realistically, the company itself was working on quitting the western ecosystem. The company was all set to leave Google services. The company was working on the introduction of their own Harmony OS that was a backup and under development at the time of US sanctions.

It would be very interesting to see what the company can do in terms of launching a smartphone built entirely around the Harmony OS. Huawei has hinted at the first smartphone on the way having HarmonyOS. But the launch would be limited to China at first. 

  • Foldable for the mainstream:

After the software drawback, it is the hardware only that can keep the company within the consumer radars. Introducing a foldable handset would be the option. Everybody thought that Huawei Mate X was a good option at the early stages, but the Mate XS was probably a market star in all the foldable devices.

It is clear that making foldable smartphones affordable is the key to the long-term viability of the foldable smartphones market. Huawei expects its affordable folding device to hit markets very soon. 

  • More fantastic Cameras:

The Huawei smartphones never fail to surprise their consumers with their fantastic cameras. All of the flagship devices introduced during 2020-2021 can take amazing photos. The company has worked and improved the HDR photo processing as well as their sensors. 

  • Updated smartwatch specs:

2020-2021 have been tough years for Huawei, but the company has stood out amazingly with its other liabilities like the smartwatches that have been a good choice. The company’s wearables offer good specs like amazing battery life, solid designs, and plenty of edge-cutting devices.


All in all, the company has been doing wonders in various tech segments. However, it must continue introducing wearables, accessories, and laptops. The company also offers Huawei Ramadan promotion deals, giving huge discounts to attract some consumers. You can check those out.

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