Who makes a good candidate for a full tummy tuck?

good candidate for a full tummy tuck

Sagging abdominal skin is one of the worst things about aging. Belly sagging arises from excess fat accumulation around the midriff area. Abdominal sagging is also common after pregnancy and in people who undergo extreme weight loss. All in all, a sagging tummy can lower your confidence levels and affect the general quality of your life.

If you are unhappy about your abdominal sagging, a tummy tuck could be what you need to improve your looks and how you feel about yourself. Let’s explore what a tummy tuck entails and who would best benefit from the procedure.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a corrective surgical procedure to tighten and reshape the skin and tissues around the abdominal area. A tummy tuck surgery delivers an aesthetically pleasing result by giving patients a firmer and compact abdomen. For the procedure, the surgeon tightens the abdominal wall muscles using sutures before proceeding to shed the unwanted saggy skin.

Tummy tucks are an excellent way of dealing with bulging bellies and will deliver a flatter and better-toned abdomen than most non-surgical procedures. Tummy tucking and toning are appropriate for people of all genders, provided they meet the recommended health and fitness requirements for surgical operation.

Good Candidates for Tummy Tuck Procedures

To qualify for a tummy tuck procedure, you must meet the following requirements:

· You must be physically fit and healthy to undergo surgery.

· You must be a non-smoker or abstain from smoking before and after surgery.

· You need to be realistic about your expected outcome of a tummy tuck procedure. Though the process will lead to a firmer and better-looking abdomen, it will lead to scarring along the abdominal incision points. A tummy tuck is for you if you have no problem living with an abdominal scar in exchange for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Has pregnancy altered your abdominal shape?

Though pregnancy and motherhood are to be cherished, the journey to delivery can significantly alter a woman’s body shape. The unprecedented weight gain that comes with pregnancy causes a woman’s breasts, hips, and abdomen to expand to support fetus development.

The stretching of abdominal walls and muscles during pregnancy often leaves stretch marks and saggy skin. Unfortunately for some women, these body changes may persist months and even years after delivery. If you’re unhappy about your post-pregnancy body shape, an abdominoplasty could be your best bet in fixing tummy bulging.

Is physical fitness not working for you?

Dieting and physical fitness present the healthiest ways to lose weight. However, if your fitness routine and dieting program are not helping you shed excess weight and loose skin around your tummy, it may be worth trying a tummy tuck procedure.

It can be frustrating to exercise for months only to lose a few pounds and not attain your weight goals. A tummy tuck can help you shed those extra pounds much quicker than sticking to hitting the gym.

When belly sagging is due to genetic factors?

Some people tend to have a protruded belly regardless of how well they stick to their diet plan or hit the gym. For such people, belly protrusion may result from genetic factors. If dietary changes and workout plans are not working for you, it may be time to try out a tummy tuck.

Risk Factors of Abdominoplasty

Taking a tummy tuck is a personal decision; you must weigh the pros and cons to ensure your expectations are met. It’s also important to be aware of an abdominoplasty procedure’s risks and possible complications.

It is common practice for surgeons to inform their patients about potential risks and obtain consent before proceeding. Possible tummy tuck complications may include:

· Skin loss and bleeding

· Poor healing of the wound around the incision points leads to abdominal scarring

· It may lead to skin numbness and prolonged swelling around the wound area

· It can lead to persistent pain and soreness around the incision points

· It can lead to Seroma, excessive fluid accumulation in the wound area after the surgery

To alleviate doubts about the procedure, request before and after photos of previous patients from the surgeon handling your tummy tuck. Ask them about possible remedies for potential complications and the appropriate care tips during the recovery phase.

Tummy Tuck Surgical Options

Mini abdominoplasty

This procedure entails reshaping the lower abdominal area and is generally less intrusive than a full tummy tuck. The plastic surgeon makes one cut just above the pubic area from where they stretch and adjust the belly skin to the desired shape. Mini abdominoplasty is ideal for candidates seeking physical enhancement after pregnancy and those seeking abdominal muscle tightening.

Full abdominoplasty

It is the most popular abdominoplasty procedure and entails reshaping the entire abdominal midsection. The plastic surgeon makes two or more incisions, one in the lower abdomen and another just above the belly button. These incision points help tighten abdominal muscles from the lower and upper sections.

This procedure is more likely to lead to scarring because it involves making several incisions. A full tummy tuck is ideal for people with acute body changes due to weight loss, aging, pregnancy, or genetics.

Extended abdominoplasty

This option is ideal for patients with excessive loose skin after massive weight loss or several pregnancies. It involves making one large incision to facilitate skin removal and tightening. The extended tummy tuck leaves a bigger scar that may be harder to conceal than other procedures.

Bottom Line

From stretch mark removal to delivering firmer abs, an abdominoplasty procedure improves body tone and can put you one step closer to realizing your dream body physique. It can improve your body posture and alleviate back pain from abdominal weight gain. However, to ensure permanent results, you must keep active, eat healthily, and adhere to post-surgery aftercare instructions.

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