Why Am I Getting Red Light on My TP Link Router?

Are you continuously getting red LED on your TP Link router even after configuring it properly? Need not to worry! This can be due to one of the following reasons:

  • TP Link router setup process not performed correctly
  • Your TP Link device is placed at a blind spot or within the reach of neighboring WiFi networks
  • The firmware of your router is outdated
  • Your TP Link router isn’t getting continuous power supply
  • The router’s WiFi signals are getting interrupted by the obstructions/devices in your home like Bluetooth speaker, cordless phone, smart HDTV, baby monitor, gaming console, microwave, etc.

The status of LEDs on your TP Link device determines its overall performance and functionality. The time may come when you may not be able to see stable LEDs on your TP Link router. Most of the time, your TP Link router may also show you the red light. Well, this issue is quite common. You don’t have to worry at all! Here, in this TP-link troubleshooting post, we are going to share with you some of the best ways that will help you get rid of the TP Link router red light issue in minutes.

Fix: TP Link Router Red Light Issue

Check the Power

The first step in our TP-link troubleshooting post is to check the power being supplied to your router. Check whether your TP Link device is properly plugged in and receiving continuous power supply from the wall plug.

Check the Cable Connections

Faulty or loose cable connection is also one of the major issues behind getting the TP Link router red light issue. So, to deal with it, make sure that your TP Link router and modem are firmly and securely connected. Apart from this, make sure that the Ethernet cable you are using isn’t damaged from anywhere.

Relocate the Router

To get the most out of your TP Link router, we suggest you place it keeping the below-mentioned instructions into consideration:

  • Place the router in the reach of your modem
  • Place it on a higher location
  • Place the TP Link router away from corners, doors, windows, and lower surfaces
  • Place the router at a ventilated location

Restart Your TP Link Router

Try power cycling your TP Link router. Yes, you read it right! This TP-link troubleshooting tip is enough when it comes to solving various router-related issues. To commence the power cycle process, do the following:

  • Unplug your TP Link router.
  • Disconnect the router from your modem and other connected devices.
  • Disconnect its power adapter from the wall socket as well.
  • Let the TP Link router take some rest.
  • Then, plug in the TP Link router’s power adapter back again.
  • Now, see if the TP Link router red light issue has been fixed or not.

Configure the Router Properly

If you haven’t performed the TP link router setup process properly, then it is obvious to get the red light on the device. Thus, to fix the issue and to get the most out of your TP Link router, ensure to configure it properly.

Update the Firmware

If nothing works for you to fix TP Link router red light issue, consider updating its firmware right away. Updating TP Link router firmware on a regular basis will fix many big issues with your device. Apart from this, updated firmware version comes with enhanced security and many extra new features. To update the firmware on your TP Link router, navigate to its official site and follow the on-screen instructions.

Did the TP Link router red light issue fixed? Do share your feedback with us. Also, let us know – which tip proved helpful to you.
Bonus: For those users, who have a TP Link WiFi range extender will be glad to know that this TP-link troubleshooting post will help them in fixing TP Link extender red light issue. But, make sure you have properly configured the extender using the correct TP-link WiFi extender login admin password.

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