Why Choose Asia pulp & paper products

Asia is the fastest developing region in the world. And it’s coming to be a major producing, consuming, and exporting region in various business sectors such as food and beverage, textiles, machinery and vehicles. The Asia pulp & paper products sector features among these all.

The following are the top paper products;

1. White paper (pulp paper) in household use and office use.

This white paper is the basic paper used by almost everyone daily. The most important things you do in your life daily would be written on this white pulp paper. This pulp paper can be divided into two types: one being common writing–use pulp paper and another being printing-use pulp paper. The writing-use pulp paper is the basic paper for household use and office use. The writing-use pulp paper is further divided into two categories: one being high-quality writing–use pulp paper and another being common writing–use pulp paper.

The printing-use pulp paper is very commonly used for printing books and newspapers, and it is the basic material in the printing-related industry.

2. Tissue papers

In the household and commercial markets, tissues are usually used for wiping the face or hands, and they are also sometimes used just like paper and writing materials. The most common types of tissue paper in Asia include high-grade stationery tissue paper and common stationery tissue paper. High-grade stationery tissue paper has a thickness of 2–3 mm and is used for various professional uses such as books, magazines, newspapers, documents, etc.

3. Saviet paper

In recent years, the textile industry has made tremendous progress in Asia, and the textile industry is one of the most important industries. Saviet is still a relatively small-sized industry in Asia, but it has been growing rapidly. This paper is mainly produced by mills in China and Thailand.

4. Packaging products

Many businesses depend on Asia pulp & paper products for various types of packing products like boxes, plastics, bags, bottles, and bags packaging.

5. Posters

In recent years, the poster market has been growing rapidly in Asia. It is also a high-end paper product used in advertising and promotion to promote brand awareness not only locally but also worldwide.

6. Laminating papers

Laminating papers are mainly used for lamination (laminating) of the products such as books, magazines, business cards and several other materials. Due to its advantage in strength and lamination function, laminating paper is widely used not only in domestic but also international markets.

7. Whiteboard papers

Whiteboard papers include whiteboard papers commonly known as whiteboards in offices. By writing on this, you can create documents and make presentations for meetings very easily and concisely, and many people prefer to use whiteboards because of their convenience. That’s why this type of paper is becoming more popular every year as an alternative to white pulp paper.

Asia pulp & paper products are the way to go for any business which is dedicated to growth, expansion and success in the international market. It is a brand that will not only add value to your business but also ensure that your business meets your customer’s expectations as well.

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