Why Drink Antioxidant & Active Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water

70% of our body consists of water, and the brain has 90% water. Our body is not sick but thirsty! Every organ needs enough cell-penetrating water to react. 80% of all illnesses are caused by hyperacidity. This is caused by oxidative stress (also, during sports, oxygen is burned). 

The free radicals formed. These have a lack of electrons, so they are electron thieves. They attack the cell walls and get a free electron from them. Therefore, the body needs antioxidants, e.g., B. vitamins.

However, the antioxidant effect of the vitamins is based on the fact that they consist mainly of hydrogen. The inventor of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) described hydrogen as the primary form of energy for the body. Because hydrogen has the most potent antioxidant effect and is mainly found in fruit and vegetables in free form!

But in normal water, hydrogen is mainly found in bound form. On the other hand, free hydrogen (also known as active or molecular hydrogen), which has an excess of negatively charged particles, has been found in the spring water of Lourdes and other medicinal waters. The free molecular hydrogen is the real reason for the miraculous healing through these healing springs.

Hydrogen Rich Water: The new cult drink

There are now over 1,000 scientific studies on the benefits of hydrogen-rich water. Outstanding success has been achieved with many diseases with therapies using hydrogen-rich water. However, many people are much more interested in answering the question: “How does hydrogen-rich water taste? How does it feel?” 

Most users report a very unusual experience when drinking hydrogen water: they want more of it! In other words, drinking makes you thirsty, even if there is no salt in the water. The effect even works with completely desalinated reverse osmosis water that has been enriched with hydrogen because hydrogen is the smallest of all molecules. Therefore, it is a gas that overcomes all barriers in the body.

Hydrogen (H2) can go anywhere in minutes. Even down to the mitochondria and nucleus. Hydrogen flows through the entire body practically unhindered. The lips, tongue, palate, gums, and throat are the first contact surfaces in the body into which the hydrogen penetrates when drinking.

However, this process sends signals into our sensitive pharynx, which bears the highest responsibility for selecting food: Here comes something that we always need! Hence the desire for more of it. Because all our energy-producing cells with their mitochondrial energy power plants are mainly programmed to extract hydrogen from food, many people have a clearer head just a few minutes after drinking, which is usually accompanied by a feeling of refreshment. Many would like to have their next glass drink of hydrogen-rich water right away.

Hydrogen in the body is a fast-acting signaling molecule. This does not require large amounts of hydrogen, just a short boost. For example, hydrogen in the stomach ensures the increased release of the messenger substance Ghrelin, which stimulates the production of growth hormones. 

However, this only happens if we drink hydrogen-rich water. A much more significant amount of hydrogen, which we can take in by inhaling hydrogen-rich air, does nothing in this direction because contact is made via the lungs and not via the stomach. Therefore, drinking hydrogen water has caught on in the global markets much faster than inhalation, which only seems useful for certain diseases. 

This applies above all to diseases that have to do with oxidative stress so with free radicals, for which the body does not have the appropriate amounts and types of antioxidants to render them harmless. Hydrogen has been shown to have particular antioxidant properties that help combat the disease.


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