Why I Believe Yieldnodes is the Best Masternode Service?

I recently discovered an opportunity to gain from the crypto market; however, you can invest in the infrastructure that keeps the whole thing working and running instead of holding or trading cryptocurrency. Sounds interesting, right? Keep on reading because I will give you some reasons why Yieldnodes is the best masternode service today.

Profiting from Master Noding

Perhaps you are familiar with the idea of Master Noding, which signifies setting up and running a masternode for a PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain. 

These masternodes will authenticate transactions on the blockchain as well as get compensated for each deal or transaction. However, they require technical knowledge and a large amount of money most of the time. 


YieldNodes Enables Master Noding 

YieldNodes is a company that provides a stake in Master Noding with no technical skill or knowledge in cryptocurrency. You send Tether or Bitcoin; they purchase and run nodes and then share the gains with you.

Masternodes or nodes are part of the same cryptocurrency network. They are programs or computers which perform different functions, and many hold complete copies of the ledger. Generally, once you run a node, you are compensated rewards in the type of coin. This could be extremely lucrative. On the other hand, setting up a master node ad keeping it is usually extremely technical and needs dedicated hardware and a stable power source. Usually, Yieldnodes do this technical thing and share the gains with you.

Yieldnodes team members are very transparent since they commenced operation in the year 2019 and also share results in public on a monthly basis.

How This MasterNodes Functions

Yieldnodes picks the cryptocurrencies to make master nodes for, operates them on a server or technical administration level and shares the income with all traders and investors. This is amazing as you are able to begin from 500 dollars, which usually wouldn’t be enough to purchase a Master Node.

Purchasing a Master Node is an extremely simple way of explaining the staking behind this. They also expanded or branched out to work with the blockchain they back through their masternodes. This creates more opportunities to make returns shared with the traders or investors. 

After investing your $500, your funds are locked for sign months. This is needed as YieldNodes need to rent servers and requires a specific amount of stability. On the other hand, you can withdraw the earnings or compound them for the following month for higher returns. 

How much can you earn from Yieldnodes? Well, they don’t promise any returns; on the other hand, in the past, the platform has had a monthly return of five to fifteen percent as well as a total average return of just about 132 percent since 2019 September. That is almost 249.85% return when compounded monthly.

Why Should You Trust This Masternode Service Provider? 

I searched and looked at some websites to read reviews about this platform and just found a lot of good reviews. A lot of people who use this platform are happy and contented with their experiences. There are a lot of blogs that share their profit, no issue in paying out the gains, and the company seems extremely transparent in general. 

What put many people over the edge were two audits of the entire platform as well as earnings, which an independent blog did. The team is totally public, and at the same time, there is a good interview with the chief executive officer available online, on the company’s official website. All you need to do is to do research. 

How to Start With This MasterNodes Service 

  • Ensure you know the risks related to investing with this platform
  • Make an account
  • You are able to begin investing immediately but to withdraw the returns, you want to finish Know Your Customer so, it is highly advisable to do it immediately. 

There are two methods available to pay:

  • Through USDT or Bitcoin via the Tron Network (according to the testimonials of many users, BTC payment was extremely quick and fast. They received the money the same day. 
  • Through Onramping service that turns the FIAT into crypto for a small amount. Five different providers are included, such as Transak, Walleteze as well as Onramper. Choose if you like to compound the gains, so you get additional yield for the following month but lock them for six months or pay them out. You can withdraw your profits via SAPP or Bitcoin, a digital currency with a wallet owned by the platform. 

Sustainability Natured of this MasterNode Service 

  • At present, they have twenty networks of masternode cryptocurrency
  • MasterNode system is required for many digital currencies and is here to keep in the long run. 
  • This platform is audited two times a year, and reports are very accessible on this platform. 
  • The team offers a newsletter on a monthly basis and gain reports as well. 
  • The whole thing which the team member is doing is extremely transparent. 
  • They request a Know Your Customers form for each user. 

To Sum Up

YieldNodes is indeed a great masternode service and is also a great investment to branch out your portfolio with limited risks. Masternodes is here to stay, and the team member looks solid as well as very transparent. An APY of 213 percent is 0.32 percent daily that is bank saving account pay per year.

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