Why is Pre-Employment Background Check Important?

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We have seen how advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence changed almost all industries, but still, humans prove to be the best possible resources for a company. Therefore, when hiring a new employee for your company, it is crucial to do a comprehensive education background check to eliminate incidences of fraud.

As per a report by Indeed, it is estimated that about 40% of people lie on their CVs. The most common lies people include in their resumes are:

  • Exaggerating numbers
  • Inflating titles
  • Lying about technical abilities
  • Claiming language fluency
  • Using a fake address

Hence, hiring the right candidate for the right job is more important. Therefore, a thorough background check is essential to drive your company’s success further.

What is an Education Background Check?

It is the process that a company follows to verify an applicant’s claims in their resume. This background check lets you know the applicant’s job history, experience, skills, training, certifications, character, criminal records, etc.

There are many employment verification companies to assist employers in performing this background check of applicants. An employment verification company is responsible for filtering out resume fraud and hiring the right talent.

Is Hiring an Employment Verification Company Required?

As an employer, you don’t have the luxury of wasting time and resources on something that can be done quickly and correctly with a third-party company. In addition, it is not only difficult for employers to conduct background checks and collect information from all the necessary sources but numerous federal and state laws must be followed.

Here are some of the best benefits of hiring an employment verification company to perform screening:

  • They are experts: While companies can perform basic background checks, they probably don’t get as much information as a third-party company can get. Employers don’t have the same experience and expertise as a third-party screening company. Hence, hiring a screening company doesn’t just take care of the process but also provides you with an expert information source.
  • Legal compliance: Many legal standards are involved in the background verification process. To perform thorough screening, it must adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the various state and local regulations. It becomes even more complicated if a company is present in multiple states. 

Sometimes, your company might have to face negligent hiring charges or other lawsuits, which can majorly damage your reputation. Hence, you can hire a third-party screening company to avoid these legal issues and conduct background checks securely to meet specific regulations and industry needs.

  • Cost-efficient: As an employer, you have to invest time and money in multiple aspects to perform a candidate’s education background check. These include travel costs and other valuable resources. Hence, the process becomes too complicated for most businesses to handle efficiently. When you hire a third-party screening company, you free up your HR department’s time and energy, allowing them to focus on other parts of your company.


With the advent of digital technology, most candidates have learned to make up a few sections of their resumes to fit in. That’s why employment verification is vital to be done. However, as it can be time-consuming and difficult for employers, it is advised to partner with a certified FCRA-compliant CRA to conduct education verification for employment.

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