Why maintaining your lawn should be a priority

Home lawns contribute to the health of our planet. Their deep, healthy roots prevent soil erosion and act as a water filter. Grass helps remove pollutants from the air and produce large amounts of oxygen. It also has a calming effect on a hot summer day. Keeping your lawn healthy will improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, but it will also benefit the environment in many other ways.

Mowing frequently prevents the development of thatch and helps maintain the health of your lawn.

Summer months can be tough on your lawn. If it doesn’t get mowed during this time, it will grow thicker and get harder to maintain. If your lawn needs more frequent mowing, choose a more intensive program.

When mowing your lawn, always keep in mind the One-Third Rule: Generally speaking, you should only cut your grass a third of its length each time. If you have a six-inch lawn, you need to mow it every two to three inches. Alternate cutting cycles can also help reduce compaction in your soil. If your lawn is very dry or is prone to drought, do not mow it too often, which will damage your mower and cause bare patches.

If you follow a regular schedule from Yard Dawgs, it’s easier to maintain your lawn. If you do it regularly, it won’t be nearly as hard as it might seem, and you’ll have more time. Mowing your lawn at least 4-6 times a month will keep it looking good. While this might seem like a lot, it’s much easier than it sounds.

Preventing fires from starting on your lawn during a heatwave

If you live in an area that experiences regular heat waves and is susceptible to wildfires, prevent fires from spreading into your lawn and garden by following a few simple tips. Keep your lawn and garden well-watered, and install an automatic timer to water your lawn during dry spells.

Also, make sure that your lawn is free of any dead or dying grass. It is a prime opportunity for fires to start, and dry grass can easily catch fire and spread quickly throughout a home. 

One simple way to prevent fires from starting on your lawn during sweltering heat waves is to keep the grass and surrounding vegetation in a shady place. Unlike blacktop or concrete, grass in the middle of a lawn is cooler than these surfaces. In addition, homeowners in wildfire paths are likely to be creating destructive landscapes. As a result, they should remove dead vegetation, especially if they live near their homes.

The cooling effect of a lawn on a summer day

Did you know that grass can reduce the heat generated by an air conditioner? Lawns are much cooler than bare soil or asphalt, and even a small amount of grass on a front lawn is cooler than a typical home-sized air conditioning unit! 

The cooling effect of a lawn on a hot summer day is important for the health of your plants. You can improve the air circulation on your lawn by planting trees or shrubs with a less dense crown. Plants with lower crowns also provide more cooling than lawns made of grass.

When the weather is hot, lawns are particularly susceptible to stress. Consistently hot and dry weather can cause your lawn to be brown and dry, attracting pests. It’s best to understand the basics of lawn care to ensure that your lawn is ready for the extreme temperatures coming your way. There are also many DIY lawn care tips you can use to help your lawn survive the summer.

A lawn that is properly treated will be free from invasive species.

It is crucial to invest in quality lawn care when maintaining your lawn. Inadequately treated lawns can become infested with weeds and harmful pests. A properly treated lawn will be free from invasive species like crabgrass, which can rob your lawn of its vital nutrients.

A well-maintained lawn is aesthetically pleasing and offers other benefits. A beautiful lawn can increase the perceived value of a property by 17 percent. It also improves water quality and produces oxygen. Your lawn is a beautiful place to spend your free time, and the investment you make will pay off in the long run. Lawn care professionals can help mitigate these problems and keep your lawn looking its best. You can also benefit from the expertise of a professional when it comes to mowing and watering your lawn. You will have more time for important things, and you can spend it enjoying the outdoors!

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