Why should I invest in a composite hose?

composite hose

Designed to carry a range of fluids, including fuels, oils and liquid chemicals, a composite hose is made from a blend of the highest quality materials – making them more versatile and adaptable than any other flexible hose on the market.

They offer a range of benefits in all sorts of environments and can be crafted to suit any requirements – making them the ultimate choice for bespoke applications.

Find out more about why you should use a composite hose and why they’re the best choice for your next project in this post.

What exactly are composite hoses and how do they work?

Composite hoses are made from a strong wire that’s carefully wrapped in fabric, film or polymer to give it its durable properties.

The materials used in their construction make them extremely resistant to corrosion, which is why they’re the best option when it comes to transferring liquids like fuel.

Seeing as they’re built to transfer such aggressive substances, it’s vital to ensure that they’re fitted correctly.

If it’s not secure enough or it’s poorly fitted, gaps that appear may cause leaks, losing efficiency and creating potentially dangerous hazards.

You also need to make sure the hose is supported at both ends, checking that the contents can be transferred smoothly.

How can I benefit from them?

There are many ways you can benefit from using a composite hose, no matter the industry you work in, including: 

  • Chemical resistance

Flexible hoses must be able to withstand the materials they’ll be transferring, seeing as they’re used in a variety of chemical industries.

They can be made with different materials and are totally customisable and can be altered accordingly to accommodate whatever chemicals you’re working with.

  • Flexibility

The spiral wound metal inner and outer wires used in the construction of composite hoses are what allows for such amazing strength and flexibility – making them more than ideal for all sorts of high-pressure applications.

  • Lightweight

These types of hoses are much lighter than others, like a stainless steel hose for example, which makes them easier to operate and helps to improve efficiency.

Where can I use them?

No matter the industry you work in, a composite hose is sure to help, especially in the following areas:

  • Suction and delivery

 A composite hose is ideal for the suction and delivery of different fuels, oils chemicals, gas and lubricants because they’re so flexible and able to compensate for movement, vibration or misalignment when transferring fluids.

  • Ship-to-shore transfer

Ship-to-shore operations involve extreme environmental conditions and rough handling – so a sturdy, durable hose is absolutely necessary, and a composite hose is the perfect match. 

  • Road and rail tanker transfer

Being so lightweight and durable, a composite hose is the best option for these types of applications.

They’re able to endure the harshest of chemicals and can seamlessly transfer various petroleum products, acids and alkaline in road and rail tankers.

Ready to purchase a composite hose?

With hundreds of reputable suppliers online, it’s never been easier to purchase your own composite hose.

All you need to do is provide your usage specifications so that it can be manufactured to meet your bespoke needs.

Why not order yours online today?

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