Why You Should Get a Kredittkort


What makes a good credit card? For many typical experienced credit card users, it’s probably got to be the reward points or the air miles. Some credit cards even include discounts to online stores or free air-travel cancellation insurance. The cards with the most benefits also include some of the highest interest rates, so keeping your debt paid off as often as you can is pretty important when it comes maximizing the utility of as many cards as you’re comfortable holding. On the other hand, for some a good credit card is one with a lower interest rate and a policy that acts as a buffer in case they are about to overdraw or go into debt. A card like this may not come with many extra benefits, but is ideal for someone who has issues managing their credit card use or is just starting to build credit.

Credit Is For Everyone

The credit card companies do a bit to ensure accessibility, from those riding the waves of excellent credit to those who are just getting used to the pond. However, out of the top seven MasterCard credit cards picked for 2022, only one of them applied to individuals with limited or bad credit (Below 650) and again a single one for those with credits scores of fair (650-699). Both carry no annual fee. Be sure also to visit https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/credit_score.asp to review how credit is scored. The other five cards out of the seven are only available to people with good-to-excellent credit (700-749). On the other hand, this actually shouldn’t come as a surprise since the better your credit is, the more options are available in general when it comes to pretty much everything. Conversely, but also in a broader sense, the things that build us credit are often basic things that don’t inherently have as many variations; i.e. like being punctual or fulfilling basic promises pertaining to ordinary things.

If You Have Poor Credit, Don’t Wait To Do This

Still, the fact that a credit card designed for individuals with poor credit is listed in the top seven cards of the year shows how offering people a chance to build credit is still as important to society as exercising good credit. This particular secured card comes with a minimum-security deposit requirement of $49 but can also extend the credit line past this amount, though it has the highest Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of almost 27%. Nevertheless it is top of the line for those trying honestly to build credit with only the few dollars lining your pocket. Keep in mind; you don’t have to have that much in order to build the credit needed to eventually take out a loan out for it- so long as you can prove to yourself and your creditor that you are good for it.

Rewards For Less-Than-Great Credit

At this point you may be surprised to know that there sometimes reward opportunities for those stuck with less-than-fair credit. For example, a secured card with maximum APR and a cash-back policy of 1.5% that of course, comes with a higher minimum-security deposit. This policy represents a step up from the last one mentioned. The winner for this year’s MasterCard for those with fair credit has variable APR of as low as 18%, and- you guessed it- a few more rewards, to boot. Rewards for shopping online at Wal-Mart as well as a up to 5% cash-back for the first 12 months provide incentive for people with average credit to use their credit card and continue to build up their score.

I Hope This Gives You FOMO

The more perks and incentives a credit card has, the more likely it is to carry annual fees. But things like a one-time welcome bonus of a few hundred bucks or a consistent 4% cash-back policy for bars and restaurants can well warrant the yearly payment and the unusually high APR with cards like these. Here’s where it pays to be an avid spender, and it’s refreshing to know that spending one’s money on experiences like dining and social life is incentivized, rather than just coveted items and technology. If you want to hear more, check out kredittkort info to see more opportunities like these- cards that offer you a doorway into the lifestyle of your choice- by paying you to do it. Just don’t forget that if you pick the right card, making your payments as early or as timely as possible is also incentivized- so make sure to do so in order to keep down that variable APR!

Go From Credit User To Credit Master

If you forget to make payments or spend more than you make, then having a credit card may be a difficult endeavor. Even if you are the type of person to defer a payment or only pay the minimum monthly amount, you are what is known as a credit-user. That isn’t a bad thing necessarily-say, if you needed the extra time and money to make sure an investment pays out at a later date- but it does mean that you should pursue credit cards with a lower interest payment. Make sure to become familiar with interest rates and the timespan in which you have to pay off existing debts before you start accruing interest. Nowadays most credit cards start at right around 17% APR, but if you become a disciplined user you can quickly have that rate reduced. Disciplined users often have several credit cards they use to enhance their opportunities in different categories, like fuel discounts, air mile rewards, and bargains on hospitality & services. This may seem like a dream, but the road to this lifestyle for anybody starts now.


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