Women investors are dominating the crypto market

Women investors are dominating the crypto market

The crypto verse has been hugely viewed as a male-dominated area. However, it is witnessing a new rush of women. They are coming out as the rapidly growing pool of crypto investors. In fact, women are not only emerging on board as crypto investors. But even as builders and creators. You must have to open account for crypto to become a highly successful investor.

Crypto is a financial innovation of the 21st century. Prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in many countries have reported a huge number of women investors. In India, the overall percentage is still 20 %. In terms of new cryptocurrency investors, women are giving a run for their digital assets to men.

As per reports, the cryptocurrency market has been dominated by women last year. A huge spike has been noted in the number of women crypto investors. Advisors, engineers, and female entrepreneurs have shown more interest in cryptocurrency. The market of crypto is developing. It is not usually determined by hypothesis but rather by utility.

The BTCM Investor Study Report 2021 is an all-around examination of data from the BTCM exchange for the last few years. It is disconnected by socio economics such as age, gender, and monetary benefactor sort to subtly assess and analyze the cryptographic cash venture affinities between its 325,000 clients.

As indicated by the report, the number of crypto sovereigns or rather women financial benefactors on the stage has been created at a faster rate than that of their men accomplices. The number of women financial patrons increased by 126% conversely, with the number of men financial sponsors, which extended by 83%.

About Bitcoin and Tether

  • As shown by the report, the principal immersion of new clients for BTCM last year came from accomplished overflow aggregators of Australia.
  • They were aged 45-59 years. They have a 79% increment each year.
  • The example is enabling, as demonstrated by Caroline Bowler, CEO of the BTC Markets.
  • It is inferable from the cautious bet hankering of this age group as they plan for retirement.
  • She also mentioned a few more things. They obtain a wealth of association in regular speculation markets and their decision to place assets into cryptocurrency is never driven by the worry about missing an extraordinary open door yet on fundamental assessment and information.
  • BTC Markets in a similar manner uncovered that Bitcoin and Ethereum continued to be the most traded tokens on the BTCM stage last year.
  • While Tether emerged as one more member in the principle five traded digital assets.
  • The typical worth of trades executed on the stage extended by 48%, with everyday arrangements growing by 42%.
  • Additionally, the typical volume of crypto exchanges executed on the stage spiked by 118%.
  • According to BTC Markets, the tremendous improvement is a direct result of a more critical number of financial supporters seeing the utility of digital assets.

The trend of cryptocurrency investors

  • On the stage of BTCM, individual financial backers represented the major client part.
  • But organizations, independent supper assets, and sole dealers performed much better in comparison to retail last year.
  • As per the report, speculation about SMSF size essentially developed.
  • Now there are introductory stores.
  • The normal size of the portfolio for organizations increased by 61 %.
  • Another interesting pattern was seen. Three out of every five women clients were aged 18-35 years.
  • It makes it clear that millennial ladies are keen on cryptocurrency.
  • They are better associated with such ventures.
  • Almost 40 % of the women placed their resources into cryptocurrency. They were aged 25-34 years.
  • Women aged 35-40 years were part of the 30 % lump.


In the last year, a leading Indian cryptocurrency platform has noticed a phenomenal rise in the number of women investors, Overall 15% of users are women crypto investors and among these few women investors were aged less than 34 years and some were less than 44 years. Urban centers continued having a dominant place with most women crypto investors coming in from Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. One of each five women expected cryptocurrency to help with coming at their monetary aims such as financing any get-away, withdrawing from their workforce, or buying a home. 24 % of the women reviewed presently possessed cryptocurrency and 70 % of them are either long haul financial backers or HOLDers.

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