Your reasons to try sola wooden flowers

sola wooden flowers

Sola wood flowers are a relatively new form of faux flowers, but their unique features and affordable prices have quickly made these blooms an essential part of the floral wedding industry. Sola wood flowers are obtained from the bark of balsa tree wood. The Sola prefers a warm, wet, and marshy environment. The plant’s leaves are edible and may be used to make tea; nevertheless, it’s wood, famous worldwide for its unsurpassed quality, is the most significant component of this little plant. Its texture is comparable to that of cork.

How are wood flowers made?

All Sola Wooden Flowers are created from natural and biodegradable materials and are entirely organic. Hand-extracted from thin, polished sola hardwood sheets, all of the thousands of flowers we typically supply are made of flowers of an unsurpassed quality that can be produced with no other artificial or organic ingredient.

Sola plant’s fibre is a potent, pliable, elastic substance that can grip and isn’t prone to damage. Sola wooden flowers are not only a source of amazement to everyone who sees them, but they are also impossible to tell apart from a genuine biological flower. Hand-extracted from thin, polished sola hardwood sheets, these flowers are made of an unsurpassed quality that can be produced with no other artificial or organic ingredient.

There are dozens of reasons to choose sola wooden blooms, some of which are:

·         Perfect alternatives of plastic contaminants:

Many people “decorate” their houses with fake plants, which are inferior in quality. Since most of these imitations are non-biodegradable, their remnants are only partly digested after times exceeding a person’s. They look nothing like the real thing and are destructive to the environment.

Plastic flowers add to the 300 million tones of plastic trash generated by human cultures. This harms our ecosystems, especially aquatic bodies, where 100 million species perish annually.

·         Sola wooden flowers are affordable, convenient, and durable:

Organic flowers must be replenished every few years, making the long-term cost far more than just purchasing our gorgeous flowers for a fraction of the cost. Aside from the fact that biological flowers must be refreshed often, the long-term price is far more than just purchasing our lovely flowers for a fraction of the cost.

Buying biological flowers can be frustrating because the petals tend to rust, fade, wilt, and fall off within a few days. If you do not take care of the blooms, they can leave dry residues on the site where they are displayed, attracting insects such as flies and leaving an unpleasant odor that eventually becomes unbearable. Sola wooden flowers are more enjoyable and last longer than a cup of coffee at a typical restaurant or a snack in a local supermarket.

These blooms have all the ornamental benefits of flower bouquets without the hassle of constant changes, transplanting from one container of water to another, changing flowers for less wilted ones, or being stuck with a sharp thorn. These flowers may live indefinitely if stored in suitable conditions, with little handling and in areas with low humidity.

·         Wooden blooms are customizable:

Sola wooden flowers are magnificent faux blooms that you can customize in various ways. You can choose any kind of sola wood flower in almost every natural or artificial color. It is also possible to have a giant or miniature version of real flowers. There are no seasonal restrictions for sola wood blooms, so you can also have any kind of wood flower throughout the year.

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