Your ultimate guide to wedding planning!

Wedding planning

Picture this: He just got down on one knee, popped the question! You might be thinking, ‘well, what’s next?’ The answer is of course: Wedding planning! Whether you’re getting married in a year or in a few months, wedding planning is one of the most challenging steps. You have to take into consideration everything and anything! And because we know how critical this phase is, we’re here to help you and guide you through this magical journey! Without further ado, let’s jump into the steps to making your dream wedding a reality!

1. Create your mood board!

One of the most important things to start off with is definitely a mood board. What a mood board does is it creates a reference for your, including your favorite dress styles, the wedding themes, the decorations, etc… To create a mood board you can either log into your Pinterest account and pin your preferences in one defined mood board, or you can do it the old school way and cut out your inspiration from magazines! Whichever option you prefer is valid. This way whenever you go to your bridal appointment at Esposa Group, you can show your bridal consultant your mood board and you’ll work accordingly! 

2. Choose a wedding theme!

As previously mentioned, your mood board should include theme inspirations. It’s one of the most important steps as you’ll be basing the whole wedding on this particular feature. If you’re having a royal wedding for example, you’ll want to pinpoint this so you can gather your thoughts and proceed with the planning. This will help you come up with a lot of ideas for your theme, color scheme, wedding hashtag and a lot of other details. Keep in mind that your theme should be picked out before choosing your wedding dress as the gown you might choose for a beach-themed wedding is very different from the one you’ll choose for an indoor ceremony!

3. Fix a defined budget!

You may not be aware that weddings are expensive! Like very expensive! That’s why it’s highly recommended that you fix a budget for literally everything and anything at your wedding. Starting off with the most expensive item. You guessed it, the wedding dress! Let’s be honest though, it’s a splurge worth making. A wedding dress is the equal of a dream come true for any bride given the fact that she’d probably had her thoughts and preferences picked out long before she got engaged. So you can ask a bride to skimp on anything, but not her wedding dress.  A pro tip though: Don’t overwhelm yourself with a price tag above your budget. No matter how much you want that dress, think plenty before closing the deal on what could be a huge amount of debt! 

4. Do your research

Something that a lot of brides do wrong is skipping on their research. No matter how prepared you think you are, there are little details that can go over your head and that can easily overwhelm you. The worst thing you can do is go into that new and foreign journey blind! While wedding planning, Google is your best friend. You can search for example the prices to expect for a bridal gown, a bouquet, venue rentals, pretty much anything. This way you’ll be able to fix your budget depending on your research and you’ll proceed with open-eyes throughout the full process!

5. Remember to have fun!

Because we know how challenging and stressful this process may be, we highly advise you to stay focused on the end-goal. Keep in mind that the reason behind this whole event is to celebrate your love for one another, and to share that love with the people you care about the most. Not everything will go as planned and that’s okay! At the end of the day this is YOUR big day and whatever you say goes! Don’t be afraid to include your own personality and style in every little detail. You wouldn’t want to say ‘I Do’ in a ceremony that doesn’t represent you no matter how much social pressure you go through. Remember to have the time of your life during the planning process and everything in between!

Some pro tips:

  • Keep an open mind while dress shopping: you might like a totally different style than the one you initially wanted!
  • Do not panic: No matter what occurs before or during the actual day, stay cool and focused, your bridesmaids will handle it!
  • Choose a color palette: To make your planning easier, choose what colors you might want to incorporate and work accordingly.
  • Define your bridal entourage: If you feel comfortable having your shopping partners with you, choose the ones who share the same opinions as you do to make the process smoother. 
  • Keep that smile on your face:  You can shed a few happy tears here and there, but don’t let any last minute changes get to you!

And last but not least, have plenty of fun. After all, you only get married once!

About Esposa Group:

Born out of a couple’s passion for the bridal industry, Esposa Group has been weaving love stories through stunning bridal and evening creations since 1987 on the hands of the Romanos family. Collaborating with the best local and international brands, Esposa Group includes Esposa Privé luxury stores showcasing the works of the best fashion designers worldwide including Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Viktor and Rolf, Marchesa and Esposa Privé own couture brand, Esposacouture by Kristie Romanos, and Esposa stores offering an accessible multi-brands wedding and soirée collection in addition to its own couture brand, Plume by Esposa. The stores are located in Lebanon, Dubai United Arab Emirates and Riyadh Saudi Arabia offering every bride-to-be a one-stop shop to find her perfect wedding look, from her dream gown to her wedding shoes, accessories and bridesmaids dresses.

About the author:

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