Youth Opportunities In South Africa —Things You Need to Know


South Africa is listed among the new developing countries. After the end of Apartheid, the country is making great progress in many sectors. South Africa holds 2nd largest economy in Africa. 

You might have thought of South Africa as a poorly developed country but it is not the case. South Africa holds 114th position in HDI rankings. Youth Opportunities in South Africa are increasing significantly.

Do you know South Africa has a literacy rate of more than 95%? Also, the country has reduced the unemployment rate from more than 60% to 34%. All this development is because of the opportunities provided to youth.

I will tell you in this article about the opportunities that Youth is having in South Africa. Read the article at the end as it will provide the information in simple words.

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Efforts of the South African Government:

The government of South Africa sees its youth as the future leaders. Therefore, the country is looking forward to providing better opportunities to its youth.

This will not only be beneficial for the individuals but will also have a good impact on the country’s economic development. The unemployment ratio of the country will also decline through such efforts.

The country established National Youth Policy NYP in 2015. It aims to at setting goals and commitments for providing opportunities for the youth of South Africa.

Job and Educational Opportunities

Hand‒in‒Hand Organization:

The organization welcomes the unemployed youth of South Africa. They are even providing jobs based on matriculation degrees. It is a greatopportunity with the lowest degree. 

Apart from this, the organization also provides training and other employability skills. The aim of this is to tackle unemployment in the country and make the youth able tobe self-employed.

The organization provides a handsome stipend and the eligibility criteria arevery simple. Moreover, the working hours are 16 hours per week. Multiple positions are available in 5 different provinces.

Organization of African Youth:

It is a non‒profit and member-based organization that operates in 11 countries. It is not only a youth opportunity in South Africa but it works in the whole African continent.

The goal of this organization is to provide Africans with skills and creativity that can help them in the future. Also, these skilled people will later serve the nation and will make the country prosperous.


One of the best youth opportunities in South Africa is the Ikmava Youth program. This does not only offer jobs to unemployed youth but also provides resources for tertiary education of youth.

Ikmava Youth offers multiple opportunities for youth after they complete matriculation. The purpose is to generate skillful people to produce a prosperous community.

Scholarship Opportunities in South Africa

The country offers many scholarships for its citizen as well as for international students. If you want to study in South Africa on a scholarship then there are some popular scholarships that you should consider.

DRD Scholarships, Queen Elizabeth Scholarships, Bertha Scholarships (for Social Innovators in Africa),Canon Collins Postgraduate Scholarships, and MasterCard Foundation Scholarship program are some of the scholarships offered in South Africa.

Each year thousands of students obtain their higher education degrees in South Africa. South Africa provides most of these scholarships for African students to build and educate the African nation.

Last Words:

After all the discussion it can be concluded that the republic of South Africa is playing a leading role in the African world. The country is not only growing but it has been making significant steps towards development in terms of education and industrialization.

As the country is aiming to provide skills and jobs to its citizen, many youth opportunities in South Africa could be found. These opportunities include Jobs, skills, internships, and scholarships.

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