YouTube Statistics Marketers Should Know to Create their Plan

YouTube Statistics Marketers Should Know


YouTube is one of the most widely used video platforms and websites. Moreover, there’s a wide variety of content to look over. So whether it’s interminable excellent instructional exercises, item reviews, gaming channels, or f unboxing videos, YouTube has it all. 

1. YouTube reports 2 billion active users

Starting in 2022, the website will have 2.6 billion users. It is the second most well-known online space, while Facebook is the primary platform with more active members than YouTube.

With an average of one sign-in each month, these subscribers are viewers. YouTube’s reach is more significant since it can also be accessed without a Google account, such as through WhatsApp’s autoplay feature.

YouTube user data can be quite valuable to companies. When more than a billion users sign up for YouTube each month to view videos, there is a vast market that advertisers can tap into. Furthermore, YouTube will undoubtedly develop into a fantastic stage with a broader audience. 

2. Average user time 

Visitors at YouTube are going through 11 minutes and 24 seconds consistently in 2019. This number is more noteworthy than in 2018, as the time spent in that year was 8 minutes and 41 seconds. 

3. Take Advantage of Second Largest Search Engine

This is one of the intriguing YouTube details. However, it is additionally the second-biggest web search engine behind Google. This shows how essential YouTube SEO is because this video stage is a video and data search instrument.

One of the YouTube app’s most compelling features is mobile-friendly, which you should take advantage of while running YouTube advertisements.

4. No Dearth of Content

One of the most impressive Youtube statistics is that north of 500 hours of videos gets uploaded to YouTube consistently. Professional Youtube video editor tools have also made it easier for people to create high-quality videos. So you ought to give your best to ensure your video content is seen. Plan a keyword, decisively make your video title and depiction, and remember YouTube inquiry streamlining to assist your videos with positioning higher in search. 

You could consolidate hashtags into your YouTube video content to demonstrate what subjects your video is connected with.

5. 1 In 3 Baby Boomers Access YouTube for Everyday Activities

YouTube’s crowd isn’t simply restricted to the younger age. A considerable level of children of post-war Americans is likewise active on the video stage.

Furthermore, around 33% of that crowd use YouTube to study an item or process more deeply. This is an essential chance to transform those perspectives into changes, so if this age is vital for your crowd, you’ll need to share how-to videos and instructional exercises on your YouTube channel.

6. Significance of YouTube for Brands

A growing number of companies are turning to video as the value of the content becomes greatly clear. According to statistics, 62 % of businesses utilise YouTube for posting video content.

YouTube’s dual-directional functionality has made sharing an easy process. Organisations may use YouTube as a medium to connect with their audience and receive feedback from them, in addition to efficiently providing their news to their audience or working to improve the permeability of their image. Through a dedication to the audience, this ought to be feasible.

Additionally, YouTube offers possibilities for channel design changes. Businesses should update their YouTube account to distinguish themselves from their rivals and reflect their brand identity. 

7. Mobile Audience 

Mobile is everywhere. In comparison to former years, we are using our phones more frequently.

The following YouTube figures are thus not shocking. Mobile devices account for 63% of YouTube viewers.

While YouTube material is routinely optimised for mobile devices, the critical point is to improve the adaptability of your audience’s experience. Creators of online content must be aware of mobile YouTube users. This should be feasible either inside YouTube’s creator studio or via other tools. You can adjust your content by paying attention to the data to ensure that your videos find the audience your brand demands. 

8. Product Research

A powerful means of exhibiting is video. 90% of people claim to discover new companies or products via YouTube. Although it can’t promise that people will buy your goods or services, it does convey the message. Consumers depend on videos at every stage of the shopping trip. Additionally, this information is quite essential to advertising.

YouTube can help you promote your items and services. If you want to expand your market or increase interest in a product, you may create a film highlighting its benefits. As video material gets better and better, creativity is the best way to make a memorable impression.

Your chances of capturing your audience’s attention and making them want more are better the more creative your content is.

9. YouTube Reaches More People Ages 18-49 Than Any Other Network

YouTube could be your most excellent option if you’re attempting to pick where to invest money in video advertisements. Nielsen claims that YouTube has the highest viewership among viewers aged 18 to 49. Additionally, 77 per cent of Americans aged 15 to 35 have access to an active video app.

10. YouTube Content Connectivity to Real Life

This suggests that viewers interact with YouTube videos to give them the impression that they are watching. This is a crucial technique for supporting people with feeling connected to their hobbies, side interests, and routine day-to-day activities after a protracted global pandemic. This also relates to the platform’s appeal to Gen Z consumers, who value authenticity in advertising.

Parting thoughts 

The entertainment industry is moving toward YouTube. It’s been like that for many years. And because of this, your business must be aware of these critical YouTube data to ensure that you don’t forget about them while developing your marketing plan. These ten YouTube stats should clearly explain why your company must invest in YouTube and how to make the most effective use of the money.

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