08 fantastic ideas for a kitchen makeover

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Many homeowners find it hard to decide when to start their long-awaited kitchen makeover. Well, the new year is here, and what’s better than this time of year to upgrade your kitchen? It is the best way to freshen up your home interior. When you decide to paint your living room and bedroom, give your kitchen a try as well. You might not realize, but your kitchen space needs your full attention. 

Furthermore, upgrading only your kitchen cabinets will not suffice. Many other changes can bring a breath of fresh air into your cooking space. Be it baking, cooking, chatting, or playing- your kitchen deserves the best treatment. That is why you need a few fantastic ideas for your kitchen makeover. Play with colors, patterns or upgrade your breakfast nook. 

Here is the compilation of eight such brainy ideas that can do wonders in your old kitchen space:

  1. Adding wooden accents
  2. Solid surface countertops
  3. Farmhouse style sink
  4. Go for a floating cutting board
  5. White subway tile backsplash
  6. White breakfast nook
  7. Updating cabinet hardware
  8. Paint the kitchen

Adding wooden accents:

Wooden accents are the best ways to change the aura of your kitchen. These accents are the source of warmth and style in your kitchen. However, most of us already have wooden accents in our cooking space. What to do then? Well, upgrade the finish of your J and K cabinets. If you plan to have white kitchen walls, go for dark brown or mahogany cabinets. In the same way, upgrade the backsplash and countertop if you already have dark cabinets. 

Solid surface countertops:

You might have a tight budget at this time of year. Well, that should not be a problem. When it comes to countertops, you have a lot many choices than just stone worktops. So, go for solid surfaces to lower the cost of this kitchen makeover. Moreover, many solid surfaces are extremely durable, resistant, and attractive as well. Choose the material that not only fits your budget but also stands up to everyday use and family get-togethers.  

Farmhouse-style sinks:

This kitchen makeover can be a good game changer if you choose to have farmhouse-style sinks. It is sheer beauty in any kitchen design. These sinks can live up to your dreams and are much more practical. In addition, a sink, a pull-down faucet, a metal grate, a drain dropper, and a rustic apron are all you need to create that stunning look. Plus, these deep farmhouse sinks make dishwashing easy and spotless.    

Go for a floating cutting board:

A floating cutting board is the best you can add to your kitchen remodel checklist. It usually fits in space between the countertop and base cabinets. You can just pull it out and cut the vegies easily on the board. Putting a hole in the cutting board is the wisest decision one can make. In this way, you can throw the debris directly into the trash can beneath the cutting board. Add this into the customized cabinet features.   

White subway tile backsplash:

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a white subway backsplash. It gives a finish to your kitchen outlook that no other element can offer. In addition, a white tile backsplash will instantly brighten up your kitchen space. It goes perfectly with dark wooden cabinetry. Moreover, you can either DIY or get it installed. 

White breakfast nook:

You might already have a breakfast nook. Well, that is a plus for sure. But, a wooden breakfast bar can get lost in other wooden accents. Therefore, it is better for you to paint it white, along with black aluminum bar stools. With this idea, not only will your family time in the morning be more enjoyable, but it will also be more aesthetic. 

Updating cabinet hardware:

You can make the right choice still by replacing the old cabinet hardware with the new ones. Modern cabinet knobs and handles will look ethereal with old or rustic J and K cabinets. In addition, you can match the new cabinet hardware with your black aluminum bar stools or the pendant lights. 

Paint the kitchen:

Paint, paint, paint! Every kitchen or home makeover is incomplete without painting it. Whether you paint the cabinets, countertops, or walls, it will change the way your kitchen looks now. I guess you already have dark kitchen cabinets. In that case, go and paint your kitchen white which goes fantastic with other wooden accents. 

Summing up:

Remodeling how your kitchen looks is a great decision when remodeling your home. So, consider these fantastic kitchen makeover ideas for your cooking space. Start by upgrading your cabinet finish, countertops, bar stools, and backsplashes. Go for a farmhouse-style sink and update your kitchen cabinet hardware. Lastly, paint your kitchen to brighten up the entire space.  

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