10 best oil to season stainless steel pans

stainless steel pans

Those who like to cook deliciously have a lot of chips in their arsenal, and one of them is the dishes. Yes, it depends on her how your dish will turn out. We will tell you about one of the most important details in the kitchen – the best stainless steel pans of 2021. With them, you will definitely make all your culinary fantasies come true.

Top 10 rating stainless steel pans according to KP

1. Rondell Flamme 3.2 l (from 2198 rubles)

The pan is made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees a flawless appearance of the dishes, practicality and durability. The unique 2-stage “triple” bottom technology with a stamped and then fused aluminum disc allows for even distribution and much longer heat retention. This also prevents food from burning and ensures faster cooking. According to the manufacturer, the cookware continues to cook even after the stove is turned off. The accumulation of heat when the lid is closed creates a closed cycle of vaporization, allowing you to cook in such dishes without using oil and water or with their minimum amount, which allows you to preserve the natural taste of the food.

Specifications: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – rivets; glass cover; design features – measuring scale, liquid drain spout.Volume – 3.2 liters; top diameter – 20 cm; bottom diameter – 16.5 cm; bottom thickness – 5 mm; wall thickness – 0.6 mm. Bottom type – multilayer, fused.

+ Thick bottom

+ Drain spout

– Bottom rusts

2. Katun Gretta 13 l (from 1859 rubles)

A huge 13 liter stainless steel pan is well suited for future autumn preparations. In it, you can prepare a marinade, boil jam or compote, and also pasteurize jars. Steel is unpretentious in maintenance, durable and very reliable. In addition, it does not react chemically with food. The thick bottom of the pan is made using a special technology with an aluminum insert. This design allows you to distribute the temperature as evenly as possible when heated, and also keep it for a long time when it cools.

Characteristics: material – stainless steel pans; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – rivets; cover made of steel.Volume – 13 liters; top diameter – 28 cm; wall thickness – 0.6 mm; wall height – 22 cm; weight – 3.4 kg. Bottom type – multilayer, encapsulated; the material of the bottom layers is aluminum.

+ Volume

+ Does not rust

– Difficult to wash

3. Tefal Intuition 2.9 l (from 1780 rubles)

The Tefal pot is an excellent choice for zealous housewives who prefer functional and easy-care kitchen utensils. The volume of the appliance is 2.9 l, the material of its manufacture is stainless steel, thanks to which the pan is easy to clean and retains a presentable appearance for a long time. The handles are also made of stainless steel, while they do not heat up, the pan can be used when working with induction cookers, it is permissible to wash it in the dishwasher. According to the manufacturer, the pan has internal volume marks, as well as a thickened bottom, which ensures more even heating of the contents. It comes with a glass and steel cover.

Characteristics: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – spot welding; glass cover; design features – measuring scale. Volume – 2.9 liters; top diameter – 20 cm; bottom diameter – 17.5 cm; bottom thickness – 4 mm; wall height – 11 cm; weight – 1.2 kg.

+ The handle on the lid does not heat up

+ Good steel

– The hole in the lid does not let off steam well

4. Interos France 4 l (from 1180 rubles)

An interesting, enameled pot TM Interiors with a volume of 4 liters and a diameter of 20 cm. It stands out for its reliable characteristics: metal thickness 0.8 mm, double enamel coating. The lid of the pot is made of heat-resistant glass with a steam outlet. Handles with a comfortable ergonomic shape. Decorated enamel that will delight the eye. The model is suitable for induction, glass-ceramic, electric, gas stoves. It is dishwasher safe.

Characteristics: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); glass cover.Volume – 4 liters; top diameter – 20 cm; bottom thickness – 1.2 mm; wall thickness – 1.2 mm; wall height – 12.5 cm. Enamelled coating.

+ Design

+ Quality

– Handles get very hot

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5. Dream Granite 22 cm 3 l (from 1199 rubles)

Universal pan for preparing first, second and third courses. A great option for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is distinguished by a Russian-made non-stick coating and good quality. With such utensils, you can consider yourself safe. According to customer reviews, food is prepared quickly and is delicious.

Characteristics: material – aluminum; type of handles – 2 short; glass cover.Volume – 3 liters; top diameter – 22 cm; bottom diameter – 15.5 cm; bottom thickness – 6 mm; wall thickness – 4 mm; weight – 2 kg.

+ Quality

+ Washable

– Heavy

6. Appetite Rondy 3.9 l (from 777 rubles)

As the manufacturer shares, the 3.9-liter dishes are made in accordance with all quality standards and fully comply with hygiene standards, so cooking in it is as safe as possible for human health. It is made of durable stainless steel. This material does not react with food, does not emit foreign odors and does not absorb them, it is resistant to acids and alkalis. In addition, stainless steel pans do not corrode. A saucepan made of such material cools down for a long time, due to which the food in it remains warm for many hours. The product has a clever triple bottom. It retains heat many times more, therefore, after boiling the liquid and for further cooking, such dishes need a small fire to maintain the required temperature of simmering.

Specifications: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – rivets; glass cover; design features – measuring scale. Volume – 3.9 liters; top diameter – 20 cm; bottom thickness – 6 mm; wall thickness – 0.3 mm; wall height – 12.5 cm. Bottom type – multilayer.

+ Price

+ Cover with valve

– Stains on the bottom

7. Webber BE-128 17 l (from 1902 rubles)

The Casserole Webber BE-128-17L is made of high quality stainless steel and is equipped with a glass lid with a hole for steam outlet. The model has a heat-saving bottom and riveted steel handles. The special shape of the dishes excludes the accumulation of food residues and fat, for cooking, a small amount of water and oil is enough, which ensures minimal losses of minerals, vitamins and taste. The pan can be used on all types of cookers, including induction, and is dishwasher safe.

Characteristics: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – rivets; glass cover.Volume – 17 liters; top diameter – 30 cm; wall height – 24 cm. Bottom type – multilayer, encapsulated.

+ Volume

+ Design

– Bottom bends

8. Pomi d’Oro Levita PSS-595004 4 l (from 940 rubles)

The casserole has modern features and original design. This model is specially designed for the preparation of the most favorite dishes, says the manufacturer. Made of high quality stainless steel. Has comfortable stay-cool handles. A glass lid with a steam outlet allows you to watch the cooking of your favorite dish. Features of the model: 5-layer capsule energy-saving bottom and mirror polish. Suitable for all types of heating surfaces.

Characteristics: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – rivets; glass cover; design features – measuring scale. Volume – 4 liters; top diameter – 20 cm. Bottom type – multilayer, encapsulated.

+ Deep

+ Handles are not afraid of heat

– Quality

9. Attribute Augusta 2 l (from 521 rubles)

From the manufacturer’s description it follows that the pan is made of high quality stainless steel. Modern design combined with a practical shape make the pot an indispensable attribute in the kitchen. The heat-resistant glass lid with a metal rim fits snugly against the pot, and the steam outlet ensures optimal evaporation of excess moisture. The metal rim protects the cover from chipping and external damage. The thick bottom ensures uniform heating, optimal heat storage and retention. This helps to avoid burning food during cooking. The pan has high anti-corrosion properties, stainless steel does not oxidize during use, does not emit harmful substances, it is absolutely hygienic.

Specifications: material – stainless steel pans; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – spot welding; glass cover.Volume – 2 liters; top diameter – 18 cm; bottom diameter – 15.5 cm; wall height – 10 cm; weight – 0.78 kg.Bottom type – multilayer, encapsulated.

+ Comfortable handles

+ Lid

– Thin zinc coating

10. Taller Mint 3 l (from 2770 rubles)

A casserole from the extraordinary “Mint” series from the TalleR brand with an unusual and fresh design will become a real decoration of your kitchen collection of functional cookware. This bright and stylish casserole with a mint green color and a futuristic body design will appeal to lovers of ultra-modern things in the house. The manufacturer reports that it is made of high-strength stainless steel, equipped with a multilayer heat-retaining bottom, which accumulates heat very quickly and then evenly distributes it throughout the entire volume of food. The pot is equipped with practical handles with bakelite inserts that allow you to remove the pot from the stove without using oven mitts. The kit comes with an unusual shaped lid, equipped with a steam outlet and an O-ring.

Specifications: material – steel; type of handles – 2 short (steel); fastening of handles – rivets; glass cover; design features – measuring scale. Volume – 3 liters; top diameter – 20 cm; bottom thickness – 4.2 mm; wall thickness – 0.6 mm; the height of the walls is 10 cm.Bottom type – multilayer, encapsulated; the material of the bottom layers is aluminum.

+ Design

+ Easy to wash

– Cannot be poured to the end

How to choose a stainless steel saucepan

Before going for the dishes, you need to prepare for this. Experienced housewife Larisa Dementieva told Komsomolskaya Pravda how to choose the best saucepan for your kitchen. She suggests taking into account the details and circumstances.

Materials (edit)

Pots are made from different materials – stainless steel, cast iron, glass, ceramics, aluminum and copper. Each has its own characteristics. First, decide what you need. You can cook any kind of food in stainless steel pans, they are very durable and do not affect the useful properties of the products. True, such dishes cannot be cleaned with hard and metal brushes – traces remain. Plus, the models are not always really “stainless”.

Cast iron pots are perfect for those who are going to fry, stew and bake dishes. Product material is non-stick. Such models are heavy and inconvenient to wear. If such dishes are not enameled, they can be put in the oven.

Enamelled pots are inexpensive and heat up quickly. The enamel protects the metal base of the pan from the active substances contained in the food. True, such pans are chipped when dropped and from impacts, even the chipped places rust and emit harmful substances into food.

Heat-resistant glass pots can withstand high temperatures, but they must be heated evenly: the burners of the gas stove must be equipped with a fire divider. The glass pan must be placed in a cold oven and only then turn on the heating, otherwise the glass may burst.

Aluminum pots are versatile – they can be boiled, roasted and steamed. It is better not to cook sour dishes in such dishes.

Ceramic pots are ideal for oven baked dishes.

Copper pots are expensive. But they store dishes better and stand out for their reliability. In such dishes, it is also undesirable to cook vegetables and fruits, as well as sour dishes.


Allocate glass and steel. First, you can watch the cooking process. It is important that they have good steam capacity, otherwise nothing will be visible. The latter are more reliable. Some lids have a funnel through which you can add ingredients as you cook. There are also modern models with thermal sensors that help control the process. Also, make sure that the handles on the lids do not get hot, so that they can be easily removed.


An important detail. Choose a saucepan that has a special non-stick coating on the bottom. Its task is to make the pan smooth. Less vegetable oil can be added in models with this coating. Food in good quality dishes should not stick to the surface.


They are made from silicone, bakelite, or the material from which the dishes themselves are made. It is important that they do not heat up. Cast handles in cast-iron and enameled metal pots cannot boast of this. At the same time, plastic, silicone handles should not go into fire. If the handles are riveted, they can loosen faster. Spot welding is a more reliable option, but this is not a significant difference. There are removable handles – it is more convenient to wash them.

Bottom and walls

The standard pan base thickness is 1.9 to 8 mm. There are pans with a multi-layer bottom. Such products heat up faster, this contributes to the fact that the dishes are cooked in a shorter time and the food will be warmed up evenly. Pans with multilayer bottoms cool slowly, so food stays warm longer. All layers are visible in the encapsulated bottom, only the steel sheet is visible in the fused model. The same situation is with the sides of the pan – they vary from 0.4 to 5 mm. The thicker, the longer the dish will stay warm.


Before buying, decide on which stove you will cook. Any flat-bottomed pots can be placed on gas stoves. It is undesirable to put glassware on electric ones. Glass ceramic hobs transfer heat better to flat-bottomed pans when the pan is as close to the surface as possible. For an induction cooker, you need a pan with a bottom with a special magnetic plate. This is now in many, this point should be indicated in the description.


Depends on what you are going to cook. For the preparation of pickles, compotes, large portions of soups and other things, there are more voluminous dishes – up to 18, up to 20 liters. There are pans for baking or stewing vegetables. There are models with a small volume – for light and small portions.

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