10 best room color combinations of 2022

10 best room color combinations of 2022

How to choose beneficial colors in this relaxation space intended to recharge your batteries? Have a restful sleep or find it again, create a cocoon of softness, have a space that soothes you: the role of room color combinations is essential. No more aggressive shades like bright reds or apple green! Inspiration in pictures. Here are some painting ideas for the bedroom, and more.

1. Beige, sand, gray: the softness of neutral tones

1. Beige, sand, gray: the softness of neutral tones

They are said to be neutral because they are neither hot nor cold, but have great decorative qualities. The grays and other beiges, which are somewhat reminiscent of the tones of the stones, are very soft and can easily be combined with the other colors. Combine them for a relaxing and bright atmosphere, conducive to rest.

On a neutral basis, you can add a few touches of gold to enhance your room. This soft color goes particularly well with linen, clay and pale gray.

2. Blue and white: a timeless classic

2. Blue and white: a timeless classic

Particularly soothing, the range of blue tones is one of the most beneficial for the rest area. The cooler its tone, the more effective it will be at slowing down your metabolism and preparing for restful sleep. To avoid darkening the room, you can combine a pure white with a gray blue.

To energize a slightly cold blue, consider choosing your bed linen in more sparkling colors, such as the range of turquoises, or white.

3. Black and blue: the elegance of dark tones

3. Black and blue: the elegance of dark tones

Sumptuous room color combinations are of black and blue! The first brings a lot of elegance to a room and its darkness is particularly required here because, not exciting, it favors falling asleep. Pair it with peacock blue to bring all its intensity to this magical and dazzling tone.

4. Blue and orange: a touch of sensuality

4. Blue and orange: a touch of sensuality

Dynamic and festive, orange is a very pleasant shade which naturally brings good humor. However, it should be dosed in rest areas, because its powerful vibrations are more suitable for movement than for sleep. In this, it can be an asset because, like red, it is the color of sensuality. Complementing the blue in the chromatic circle, it will naturally associate with it: the latter will reinforce the intensity of the orange. Prefer a pale blue for a bright bedroom or a dark blue to favor the feeling of intimacy brought by dark colors.

5. Pink: a softness and luminosity to rediscover

5. Pink: a softness and luminosity to rediscover

It is not just for little girls! Today, new shades, powdery or mineral, make it easier to adapt. In its pale and sweet shades, its great qualities are its softness and luminosity. It is a perfect color to illuminate rooms that are a little dark or in which the sun does not enter much, located in the north for example. Do not hesitate to “cut” the pink with a frank and original hue, like a mint green here, as a bedside table. With this surprise effect, you will no longer see pink the same way!

In the category of mineral tones, there is the famous Rose Quartz, elected color of the year in 2016. A bright and cold pink, a little gray at times. Be careful, its slightly cold shades are suitable for rather sunny rooms, because it tends to tarnish under the lack of light … On the other hand, it is a magnificent shade that evokes the semi-precious stone of the same name, rose quartz. A stone whose virtues in lithotherapy are to protect and promote emotional ties. Surrounding yourself with them would therefore be beneficial! Note that the pink harmonizes nicely with the bright red, which can be declined as accessories to brighten up the ensemble a little.

6. Green and turquoise: immerse yourself in the heart of plant freshness!

Green and turquoise

A balancing color that helps you recharge your batteries, emerald green is one of the most beneficial colors for the bedroom. Its vibrations harmonize our metabolism: our heart rate slows down, our brain waves come to rest. Fabulous color that allows us to rediscover the benefits of a walk in the forest… in our room! As these “forest” greens can be dark, combine them with turquoise accessories, which will enhance the ensemble.

Dare to use shades of green : full of freshness and beneficial waves, it will be a real oasis for you! All greens work together, on the principle of monochrome, selecting three or four shades, more or less dark or bright. You can accompany this accord with white to lighten it and make it brighter.

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7. Green and white: bright and fresh

Green and white

Introduce natural green in small doses if you prefer the clear luminosity of pure white. The trick: choose a landscaped panoramic for the headboard. Even light and evocative, as here, it sets the scene and brings personality to the room. It remains to be completed with coordinated accessories in different greens to enhance the trompe-l’oeil.

Light, even pastel greens are particularly bright: some anise greens, close to yellow, are also warm. With white, they form an association that is both soft and dynamic, which is well suited to a bedroom.

8. Yellow and gray: sunshine in the bedroom

Yellow and gray

Do you want a bedroom that is sunny all year round? Choose sunflower yellow! Lively, joyful, energizing, this solar tone has all the qualities to bring well-being. Be careful, however, about overloading, because this color, which is extremely stimulating for the brain, can prevent you from falling asleep. It’s best to lighten it up with white and tone it down with soft grays, or a touch of black.

Extremely luminous, yellow pierces the dark black with its intensity. A small amount is sufficient in a dark space: beware of overdose! Namely: accompanied by gilding, yellow behaves like a “gold” tone, it becomes luxurious and confirms the refinement of the room!

9. Red, white and gray: the dynamic harmony

Red, white and gray

In this space where a touch of energy is required, vermilion red brings its passion. If it excites, it is however not totally forbidden in the bedroom because it brings a rich and sensual energy: it will be appreciated in accessories and bed linen, where it mixes well with the softness of the grays and the luminosity. of white.

A few scarlet cushions are enough to wake up a white and gray bedroom: think of this simple solution that allows you to vary the colors according to your mood! Gray emphasizes other colors, especially if they are vivid. So choose a beautiful orange red or a dragon red to give it even more energy …

10. Black and white: the essential classic

Black and white

If there is a simple harmony to achieve, it is this one: light and dark, an obvious and always very graphic association. Knowing how to measure the proportion of the two colors is however essential in this case. The black-white alternation must be straightforward: in order not to tire the eye, avoid the accumulation of small two-tone accessories. Choose the predominance of white if you want to favor lightness and light …Or that of black if you are planning a more intimate, even theatrical, atmosphere. Black invites secrecy, introspection. It will be magnified in a matte finish, which will appear like velvet on the walls!

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