10 Handmade Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends are always special. If it is your best friend, then it is often like half your life, right? When it comes to your friend’s special day, you must always want to gift something that will be unique and will remind your friend about your whole life.

This does not always need a lot of money to make a memorable and lovely gift. You can prepare them with handmade items as well. This article offers you 10 handmade gift ideas for your friends.

10 Handmade Gift Ideas for Friends 

If you want to gift or surprise your friend with your DIY ideas, you can check out these top 10 handmade gift ideas, which are on-trend now. So, without further delay, let’s dive into it. 

Matchbox Camera

Matchbox camera is one of the funniest and easiest handmade gift ideas that you can make on your own for your friend on their special day. All you need is a matchbox and some prompt cards.

Just color your matchbox cover – the color must be black. Put the white part inside, and before that, keep those prompt cards for photography in that white part. Give a card round shape and attach it with the matchbox cover. Your camera is ready.

Friend’s Picture Collage

If you want your friend to cherish your relationship and memories for ages, a picture collage is the best idea. Just pick a photo frame and make a collage of as many pictures as you want in it. 

A friendship picture collage is a wonderful thing that reminds a person of every sweet moment they have passed with their friends.

Study Care Package

A study care package would be great for a studious friend or a teacher friend by profession. You can make a nice study care package with handmade and homemade goods.

For example, you can include Eucalyptus Yankee candles, highlighters, a coffee mug made from homemade items, Twizzlers, etc., in the package.


Cozy is another handmade gift idea best suited for a coffee lover friend. If you have a friend who loves coffee, you can make a cute cozy for them as a gift.

It just needs a paper coffee cup and some glittery cards to make a cute animal shape in the outside portion of the cup. Your friend will surely love this with their favorite coffee sip.

Homemade Doormat

This is a gift item where you can play with your colors and words as you want. Usually, you will easily find materials for making a doormat in your home. 

Once you have made the doormat, now decorate it as you like. Since it is a gift for your friend, think about their liking. If they love to watch movies, you can decorate the doormat with a movie quote.

Spaghetti Dinner

It is a surprise plan for your friend. If it is your friend’s birthday or bachelor party, you can arrange all items that you need to cook a special dinner item. Then go to your friend’s house with that basket and cook on your own for your friend. 

You can cook items like spaghetti for dinner. If you want, you and your friend can make a small candle light dinner with that dish.

Charm Necklace 

You must have a friend in your gang who loves jewelry a lot, right? For that jewelry lover friend, you can plan to make a charm necklace with what you have in your home.

It will become inexpensive in a way for you, and your friend will love it a lot on the other. Also, it will always remind your friend about you and your friendship.

Monogrammed Tumbler

Monogrammed tumbler is a very trendy and stylish gift item for anyone. If you have a cricut machine at your home, you can easily make this for your friend. You need to buy a cup and decorate it with a monogram that you or your friend like most.

Pom-Pom Book Marks

This is one of the cutest gift ideas for a friend, especially a book lover. If you have a friend who loves reading books, make some pom cute bookmarks and gift them. Your friend will be happy. These bookmarks are almost bulb-shaped; that is why they look cute most. 

Sweet Treats

That’s very easy and lovely as well. You can make sweets of various shapes and sizes and keep them in the refrigerator for freezing. You can also add baked items with it.

Put all the sweet items into a pot, better if it is a tin pot. Before giving or sending it to your friend, you can write cute messages on top the pot.


These are our top 10 handmade gift ideas for friends recommended for you. If you think or search on the internet, you will find more apart from these. But these are easiest, trendy and lovely enough. Pick one idea from here and make your friend happy with what you have.

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