10 Side Jobs for Women That Will Bring in Extra Cash

During unpredictable economic times, women often find it difficult to find steady work that covers all the bills.  The days of plumb full time jobs, complete with benefits, are evaporating fast.  Today’s workplace is becoming more and more based on the “gig economy”.  This is challenging, but if you find yourself in a position where you could use some extra cash, and have the time due to your current employment situation, it’s also an opportunity.  Here are some ideas for side jobs that can bring a woman extra income.  Have a look.

Rent out your vehicle

If you own a decent car, SUV or van sitting idle much of the time, you could be earning extra money from it. Consider renting out your car, using a car share service such as Toronto’s own RideAlike.  List your vehicle and make money on short term rentals.  It’s simple and trusted. 

Sell your crafts or handmade products

Women who are crafty possess a marketable skill.  Whether you do flower arranging, pottery, woodworking, knitting – you name it, if you can make it, it can probably be sold, at a profit.  Quality handmade goods are in demand – you could be earning money from it.

English teaching online

Put your strong command of the English language and your teaching skills to work as an online English teacher.  One popular platform is VIP Kid, a site that connects English teachers with students, in a one-on-one format.  It’s an excellent way to earn extra money in your spare time, and you don’t have to leave home to do it.

Dog walking and pet sitting

If you have a way with furry critters, this can be a lucrative side hustle.  Busy pet owners are constantly on the lookout for good pet sitters and dog walkers.  The money is good – you can earn up to $30 for a one-hour walk.  Get out into the fresh air, and make money doing it – a great part-time money maker for any animal lover.

Make-up Consultant and Artist

If you’re a lady who knows how to skillfully apply make-up and cosmetics, there is a market for you.  Families and groups planning events are searching for good make-up artists.  Wedding, prom, photo shoot, you could be profiting by applying your make-up skills.  Get paid for making folks look beautiful.

Part-time cleaning service

Some women actually enjoy cleaning.  They find it relaxing and take pride in their skill at straightening up.  If you fall into this category, you could be in demand, as a cleaner. Houses, apartments, offices – there is money to be made if you are good at cleaning and don’t mind doing it. Charge what you feel your cleaning skills are worth, and start earning extra money.  There’s exercise in it for you too.

Start driving in your spare hours

There are so many ways to earn money with delivery these days.  If you’re comfortable driving folks to and from their destination, consider a ride-share gig with Uber or Lyft. If delivering product appeals to you, there are several popular food deliver services, such as DoorDash, Skip the Dishes, and UberEats.  Take your pick, and you’ll be making extra cash in short order.  The beauty of these gigs is that you get to pick the hours you’re available.

Transcription services

If you have strong office skills, including experience with dictation and keyboarding/typing, you’ll likely be able to earn good money on a part-time basis.  Lots of companies are on the search for transcriptionists, who convert audio into written text.  There are positions out there for corporate, medical and legal transcriptionists.  The Write Life is an example of a platform that hooks up companies with transcriptionists.  Get typing and make money.

Proofreading and editing service

Women with strong proofreading and editing skills can find work in this field, on a freelance/part-time basis.  Your strong grammar skills, and sharp eye for detail can earn you extra cash, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.  Put yourself out there as a proofreader.


This one is great for those women who come from an accounting or business background. Lots of companies outsource their accounting and bookkeeping requirements.  It’s an excellent opportunity for you to put your skills in this area to work. You’ll be working from home, in your spare time, and making money – a nice fit.

We hope this list of moneymaking ideas for women helps you out in your quest for some extra income during these unpredictable times.  Get creative, get yourself out there, and best of luck!

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