18 Most popular quartz worktop colors for 2021

The future of quartz worktops is bright. Quartz countertops are cheap to install and easy to maintain. If you are looking for a way to add pizzazz to your dull kitchen, you should consider quartz worktops for your kitchen renovation. Quartz worktops are also very durable. Quartz worktops are not only stylish but also very versatile. With the help of new technologies, quartz worktops are changing their color.

Quartz worktops offer numerous advantages. It is a manufactured stone with an almost limitless array of patterns and colors that provide a lot of design skills. So, it’s not damaged or cracked, just like granite, and it also tends to be more rounded than solid stone and has an additional depth that isn’t replicated with natural stones slabs.

  1. Arctic white
  2. Babylon gray
  3. Calcutta laza
  4. Carrara grigio
  5. Gray of fossil
  6. Pacific salt:
  7. Sparkling white
  8. Pearl grey
  9. Merope
  10. Selena
  11. Eternal marquina
  12. Lyra
  13. Arctic
  14. Sienna ridge
  15. Quasar
  16. Daria
  17. London gray
  18. Cascade white

Arctic white:

Pure white quartz arctic white goes with something. So, cupboards that are natural wood tones. This quartz makes the most stunning, vibrant backsplash for any space.

Babylon gray:

Babylon gray is the soft cool hue of quartz countertops which features delicate patterns. So, this shade is perfect for white woodwork and is an excellent choice for kitchens with a trendy black-and-white color scheme.

Calacatta laza:

With some brown hints to the edible fat, calcatta laza could be an appropriate option for kitchens that have wood-based finishes naturally.

Carrara grigio:

Carrara grigio is an excellent choice for homes with a strong emotional feel to give you a vibrant but slightly muted style. So, the creamy off-white stone is best with kitchens featuring wooden cabinets or kitchens with heat and off-white hues.

Cascade white:

This stone can be used with white woodwork and light, calm tones. This includes medium taupe to grey patterns. So, cascade white can offer a fantastic contrast against lighter designs for decorating.

Gray of fossil:

Fossil grey is an edgy grey to taupe hue consistent throughout. So, pick this quartz counter for contrast with light woodwork or create an accent wall in white-colored walls.

Pacific salt:

Pacific salt was created to blend with dark cabinets and bright and dark walls. So, with a mix of sunshine brown and dark black tones, the stone offers an attractive contrast to cupboards with black, dark brown, and dark wood.

Sparkling white:

Use sparkling white quartz worktops for kitchens that require just a tiny amount of activities. So, this unique stone is stippled with crystal clear quartz, which gives it a subtle sparkle. Because the stone has a white base, you can apply it to any shade or style of decorating.

Pearl grey:

Pearl gray can be described as an edgy grey with some darker shades. So, it’s a medium-toned shade; it is an excellent contrast to lighter gray or black shades.


As dark grey quartz with some brown in this, Merope is an excellent choice against dark cabinets and kitchens with jewel tone accents. So, make use of this stone to go with your color scheme or to stand out against lighter cabinets or walls.


The spotted brown color is a perfect match with the off-white base. So, seleno is ideal for older kitchens. Use this quartz tabletop in conjunction with light walls and wood finishes.

Eternal marquina:

The black-colored base and bold white veins of eternal Marquita create this quartz into an eye-catching piece. Make an additional island for the otherwise lightroom for a dark backsplash. So, it can give the space a modern, stylish look or as an alternative to light-weight cabinets and furniture.


The constellation is a classic appearance with a delicate grey pattern that truly accentuates mid-century modern and contemporary design concepts for rooms. So, with a white-colored foundation, the stone offers elegant distinction. However, it’s beautiful with dark brown or black shades.


The arctic offers stunning neutral patterns in a reminder gray and subtle brown. So, use this tabletop in old kitchens to highlight interest against wooden cabinets and backdrops with light colors.

Sienna ridge:

Sienna ridge could be a stone that can give your space a timeless beauty. If you are looking for a reminder of moderate to deep browns, this could be the ideal stone to contrast with white, off-white colors that are creamy and work great in kitchens with darker colors, particularly those with dark wooden finishes.


Quasar has a modern pattern that is a mix of gray and brown. It’s the perfect design for kitchens with white walls that require an accent of color. The stone is compatible with wood finishes too.


Daria can be creamy quartz that is multi-faceted. In modern kitchens, it simply is a stand-alone modern and contemporary island. So, it’s also a genuine contrast against earth tones and jewel tones. If you’ve got woodwork, it will give a soft antique appearance to your home.

London gray:

London gray has a clean, soft grey shade, similar to the well-known London fogs. The stone is an excellent choice for bright kitchens that have dark floors. It also makes a great contrast against gray or black surfaces.

Why Choose Quarts Countertops?

Quartz countertop costs are highly reasonable and easily accessible to people of all classes. You can get unique, versatile, and cost-effective countertops to design your home in an elegant and modern way.


Colors are a big decision when choosing a new quartz countertop. Quartz is a popular worktop material, and for a good reason. It is durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors and styles, so it is sure to suit your tastes if you are interested in learning more about the top worktop colors of 2022.

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