20 birthday decoration ideas at your home will make your toddlers dream!

20 birthday decoration ideas at your home

Want to organize a memorable birthday party for your little one? Take inspiration from these 20 birthday decoration ideas picked from the most creative parents on the Web. All you have to do is get your hands dirty!

1/20. Birthday decoration idea: puffy invitations

Everything is ready for D-Day… but oops! It would be a question of not forgetting the invitations! Here is an idea as funny as it is simple to reproduce, spotted on Pinterest website. In addition, your child will be able to participate.

To make

it: Take a white sheet of cardboard, a pink balloon on which you write in indelible marker the date of the event and the place. Glue the balloon using masking-tape and hop, slip the whole thing into an envelope. That’s all? Yes! 

2/20 Birthday decoration idea: animal candle holders

If you’re tired of stepping on the animal figurines of your wags who have passed the age of playing with them, we found a great DIY on The Sweetest Occasion blog. Long live recycling!

To make it:

Simply pierce the back of the animal using a drill then paint it in the color of your choice, using a spray or paintbrush. Let dry before using your recycled candle holders!

3/20 Birthday decoration idea: a fingerprint tree

In the animations category, here is an overview tutorial on One Fab Day. It lends itself to all major occasions: birthdays but also weddings or baptisms . Your child will love, as a bonus, to keep it, like a precious souvenir of this beautiful day.

To make it:

On a white sheet, start by drawing a tree. You can also very easily find models on the Internet if the exercise does not inspire you. Then, leave ink available for each child to mark the tree branches with their fingerprint. You can also ask them to write their first name next to their creation.

4/20 Birthday decoration idea: a confetti balloon

We love the site of invitations and festive accessories Monkey Choo and we steal the idea of ​​the confetti balloon with great pleasure!

To make it:

Choose a transparent or pearly balloon and buy confetti, if possible XXL. The secret so that they do not fall completely into the bottom of the ball? Slip a few drops of water so that the confetti spreads everywhere. And if you’re really short on time, quickly order the giant transparent balloon from Monkey Choo! 

5/20 Birthday decoration idea: giant soap bubbles

For the birthday of your cherub, the animations are always a real headache. And you don’t really want to call in a professional clown. Fortunately, the blog Esprit Cabane presents a DIY way to make XXL soap bubbles.

To make it:

You need dish soap, sugar, cornstarch and water. But also a funnel and a bottle neck. Practice before the big day… The kids won’t forgive you if you make an oven! 

6/20 Birthday decoration idea: stamped balloons

Another simple and surprising way to customize balloons! We spoil you, right?

To make it:

On the DIY studio blog , we came across this very original way to revamp banal balloons. You have two options for this: use a stamp and ink or use paint and a stencil. The effect will be the same: you will delight your little guests!

7/20 Birthday decoration idea: personalized tableware

Another simple and surprising way to customize balloons! We spoil you, right?

To make it:

On the DIY studio blog, we came across this very original way to revamp banal balloons. You have two options for this: use a stamp and ink or use paint and a stencil. The effect will be the same: you will delight your little guests! h

7/20 Birthday decoration idea: personalized tableware

Here is an original idea for a 100% successful birthday: personalize the plates, glasses or chocolate cups of your little guests. They will appreciate the attention and at the same time avoid confusing their belongings!

To make it:

For this, you need porcelain dishes, why not the one that collects dust in the sideboard, inherited from grandma? A few special markers bought in a hobby store, a day of drying and a passage in the oven: here is your personalized tableware. For the lazy (or those in a hurry), these mugs can be purchased on Etsy . 

8/20 Birthday decoration idea: make-up for a little doe

Once again, we are a fan of the creativity of the Monkey Choo blogger blogger who chose to transform her little doe into a deer as cute as it is majestic.

To make it:

On the material side, Cynthia simply picked up tree branches in the forest which she covered with glitter. She then held them down with a headband. She then presents to you on her blog the progress of the make-up session carried out with water-based make-up. She started by applying white on the upper part and brown on the lower part before taking care of the details (ridges of the nose, doe eyes, etc.) 

9/20 Birthday decoration idea: a homemade garland

homemade garland
Source: Pinterest.com

If you have not yet succumbed to the craze of “tassel garlands” as they are called in the States, this is the opportunity! To do this, we have spotted a DIY for you on the Queen for a day blog .

To make it:

You need a large sheet of tissue paper that you fold several times before making fringes then roll and twist the whole thing. A dab of glue, a piece of string… and you’re done!

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10/20 Birthday decoration idea: a personalized gift wrap

Since your credo is “simplicity and creativity”, we take this DIY scene on The House that Lars built to revamp a too sober gift wrap.

To make it:

Wrap your gift papers with kraft paper. Take a pencil with an integrated eraser, a stamp of the color of your choice (here white) and decorate the surface. 

11/20 Birthday decoration idea: confetti pancakes

Want to impress your little guests? However, we know that they are sometimes difficult to impress. Nevertheless, this recipe idea signed by Peek it Magazine will amaze them, we promise…

To achieve it: 

A pancake recipe you master? So you’ve done almost all of the work. The only little subtlety that makes all the difference with traditional pancakes is a rain of food confetti when the dough begins to cook in the pan. They want more? Not surprising!

12/20 Birthday decoration idea: bucolic straws

Wait a minute! Have you taken care of the table decoration? We give you an idea with this DIY by Clones N Clowns .

To make it:

On her blog, the designer gives you the butterfly pattern that you will need to print. If you are comfortable drawing, you can of course make it yourself. With this pattern, draw on the patterned sheet of your choice before cutting it. Then, with a precision cutter, make two notches in which you will slide the straw. To personalize each one, you can write the child’s first name or vary the printed papers.

13/20 Birthday decoration idea: a cake covered with candy

Source: Pinterest.com

We have of course all seen splendid birthday cakes of all colors in marzipan on the blogosphere. Yes, but now, as we definitely don’t have time to spend 10 hours in the kitchen and our specialty is yogurt cake, we found it a bit more accessible.

To make it:

Make a yoghurt cake (so far so good). Cover it with melted chocolate and before it hardens, add smarties and chocolate bars. The hardest part is then succeeding in cutting it. The complete recipe can be found on the Marciatack blog .

14/20 Birthday decoration idea: a glitter egg

At Oh Happy Day, we don’t offer the mimosa egg recipe but rather that of the glitter egg! We love it!

To achieve it:

Emptying an egg is not very glamorous, but absolutely necessary. To do this, make with a pin (and very carefully) a hole on either side of the egg and blow into one of the two to make the yolk and white fall into a bowl. Then enlarge one of the holes, paint your egg the color of your choice (no need to remember how fragile it is!). Then slip the sequins inside. To reseal the egg, just glue a circle of tissue paper. And There you go!

15/20 Birthday decoration idea: completely frosted candies

No birthday without sweets. But to present them in a surprising way and avoid the orgy, we found this DIY on the Makezine site that will leave your kids blissful.

To make it:

Take an ice cream kit. If you don’t have any, you can replace them with transparent yogurt pots and wooden sticks. Slip candies and lemonade into them and keep the mixture in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours. Magic, right?

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16/20 Birthday decoration idea: confetti cones

confetti cones
Source: Pinterest.com

Confetti is the king of birthdays. What we like is that we can decline them at will to vary the decorations. The proof with this DIY  spotted on Ruffled made in one minute flat.

To make it:

Kraft paper rolled up like a cone and held it in place with tape or masking tape. A handful of confetti slipped inside, and that’s the job. Add to that a horde of children determined to have a good time and you have your entertainment there. 

17/20 Birthday decoration idea: personalized bottles

If kids listened to each other, they’d be bathing in a waterfall of sodas and stuffing themselves with candy all day. Luckily, you’re on the lookout. And you’ve decided to take care of the smallest details to see them smile… without risking seeing cavities.

To make it:

This DIY is very simple and you can take inspiration from the Simply Sarah Style blog. On the Internet, find patterns to print that you like or buy scrapbooking sheets at a craft store. All that remains is to cover the sad labels of your water bottles and your fruit juices. We bet that the children will suddenly find them of great interest? 

18/20 Birthday decoration idea: a moon pinata to take down

We love the pinata, children even more, but we must admit that we do not always have the courage to embark on the maneuver. That’s why this moon model, both more accessible and more poetic than the classics of the genre, won us over.

To make it:

In thick cardboard, draw the shape of a crescent moon with a marker before cutting it out and assembling the two sides using other pieces of cardboard. When you have glued the whole thing with tape, cut rows of fringes in tissue paper that you stick on top of each other all along the crescent moon. To not miss any detail, go to this blog.

19/20 Birthday decoration idea: a low cost crown

During birthdays, children love to dress up more than anything. With this crown for small budgets, they will not be disappointed! In addition, they will be able to make it themselves thanks to Hugo and Mathilda’s DIY.

To make it: 

Take a roll of toilet paper and cut it into a crown shape. Customize your crown with paint, masking tape or like here, small pompoms and stickers. At the base of the decorated roll, make two holes so that a ribbon can be slipped through. It is he who will maintain the crown on the heads of toddlers.

20/20 Birthday decoration idea: glitter candles

Be careful, this DIY can be done by children, but stay by their side. In the same way, be careful with the candles present in the room during the party!

To make it: 

Are you still signing up for an ultra-easy DIY? Collect clear glass yogurt pots and brush their base with glue. Then dip them in a bowl filled with glitter and let dry to easily remove the excess with a small brush. If the children are too rambunctious or too small for you to leave them in the presence of candles during the birthday, use these containers to put cutlery, straws or a few flowers on the table. For how-to, head over to Birds Party.

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