3 Benefits of Using Web Based Salon Accounting Software

Salon Accounting Software

There exists no doubt about the fact that technology has transformed our lives and now plays a key role in our day to day activities. Whether we are buying groceries or scheduling appointment, we now rely on technology more than ever. As citizens of the digitized era, we prefer to accomplish much of the tasks, especially tedious and repetitive ones in just a few clicks. In other words, when it comes to routine and repetitive tasks, people today are highly desirous of leveraging technology and relying on automation. Thus, it is only logical that more and more salon owners are deploying technology to run all the administrative processes, including accounting, of their businesses. However, have you wondered as to what has led to such rise in the popularity of a salon accounting software? Or what are the advantages of using a salon accounting software, which has made it an indispensable tool? Read along to know how a web based salon accounting software has transformed the business and is helping businesses to become efficient, run a lean set up, and increase profitability.

Save Time & Reduce your work load

Managing the finance and accounting side of a salon business involves a host of activities. Processes such as raising invoices, accepting payments, computing receivables and payables, comprehending cash flow, preparing books of accounts and creating reports to ascertain the financial health of the business all fall under the purview of finance and accounting. Juggling all these financial data manually, is not only tiresome but also opens up the possibility of human error. On the other hand, by automating these processes with a web based salon accounting software will not only save a lot of time but also substantially reduce the work required. A salon accounting software will easily streamline your entire process chain and eliminate duplicity and redundancy of the process. To understand the advantages of using a salon accounting software in detail, we recommend reading our post, “Beauty Salon Accounting Software – Why you need one”

Data Accessibility, Reliability & Security

One of the greatest advantages of using a web based salon accounting software is that it equips your business to be responsive at all times, including beyond the standard work hours. Often a situation may so arise that you are out for some meetings etc. and do not find time to download reports such as daily sales, cash flow etc. As a result, even though you have a salon accounting software you are unable to utilize it to its maximum potential.  A web based salon accounting software empowers you to access your data anytime and from anywhere. All you need to do is to log onto the web server and download the data and the reports that you need in just a few clicks. Morever, since the web based accounting software doesn’t store data on local servers, the risk of loss of data due to hardware failure or theft are also eliminated. Some renowned salon accounting software such as the one from Zenoti come with more advanced features such as role based data access and on-demand one touch reporting. 


A web based accounting software solution is the most cost effective solution to run the administrative processes at beauty salon. Unlike a traditional local server set up, which would need periodic maintenance and upgradation of hardware, a web based solution doesn’t need any such paraphernalia.  Since the data is stored on remote server, there exists no need to have a separate local hardware set up to access the data. A web based server allows salon owners to access data anytime anywhere. 

Aside from the above, there are numerous other advantages of a salon accounting software such as book keeping, inventory management, financial reporting etc. One of the well-established products in the market is the Zenoti salon accounting software. With its state of art features, and easy scalability it works seamlessly for both standalone stores and multiple chains. We particularly love Zenoti for its highly robust data security feature known as geo-fencing, which creates a virtual fence around your store and prevents data access on their web server, once people are outside that virtual fence. As a result, salon owners can be rest assured about the security of their business data and clients can be assured about the security of their personal information. 

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