369 Manifestation Method, Techniques and Example

369 Manifestation

369 Manifestation is assumed to be all about believing in yourself while chasing your dreams and wishes to make them come true. You have to seriously get behind and work a whole lot on your manifesting and focusing power in order to achieve your goals as soon as possible. If you successfully become able to set a manifestation example, it will really prove life-changing for you.

Currently, manifestation has become a massive wellness trend ruling all over different social media platforms. Especially on Tiktok, the videos with its hashtag have amassed more than 9.6 billion views. So, let’s get to know about the 369 Manifestation technique and figure out how does it works.

369 Manifestation Example

A person saying, “I am blessed to have an extremely loving partner in my life. My soulmate is a blessing indeed. Both of us care and love each other extravagantly. His/ her presence in my life makes it more meaningful and beautiful. I wholeheartedly love to spend all my time with him/her. Also, I love to talk and share my feelings with him/her. Thus, in short, I can say that I am happy to be in a perfect and ideal relationship that anyone can ever imagine.”

The Significance of the number 369

The very famous spiritual adviser named Diana Zalucky says that he believed 369 as a divine number that can unlock various keys of the universe. Addressing forward, he says that this popular 369 manifestation method mysteriously couples the law of attraction and numerology.

So, let us explain the significance of each number in this sequence:

  • The number 3 – Represents the connection of creatures to the Universal source or creative self-expression of anyone
  • The number 6 – Represents the harmony and inner strength
  • The number 9 – Represents Inner rebirth

How does the 369 Manifestation Strategy Work Out?

The 369 manifestation technique extraordinarily works by continuously repeating a self-chosen affirmation

  1. Thrice a day
  2. Six times in the afternoon
  3. Nine timed before going to bed

And this strategy works because your brain continuously receives positive messages as early as you wake up, then somehow in the middle of your busy day, and lastly at night when it is most productive due to active starts of your subconscious mind.

How to manifest using 369 manifestation techniques?

Before getting started, of course, you will need to know what exactly is a manifestation and how can anyone manifest anything. Manifestation is defined as bringing something tangible through firm belief and attraction into your life, meaning whatever you think will come true one day.

Usually, three methods help manifest anything in the world by writing them down. Out of all those, the 369 manifestation method is the most popular. It is regarded as a technique using which anyone can write down his wish as a deep affirmation either in a notebook or a diary, and in the end, it usually works.

Best way to use 369 manifestation technique:

  1. Pick your personal diary or a dedicated notebook
  2. Think of a wish that you want to manifest
  3. Write down your wish three times early in the morning
  4. Note down your wish six times in the middle of the day
  5. Pen down you wish nine times before you sleep in bed at night
  6. Then repeat this cycle at least for 21 days
  7. Let the wonders happen

(Some people also tend to apply a 17-second rule while writing their affirmations on a paper. That means that they take at least 17 seconds to pen down their affirmation. But that is not necessary. Timing does not matter as much as the strength of feelings)

Remember that throughout this procedure you should always have vibrations of strong feelings connected directly with whatever desire you are manifesting. Your feelings should be that must intense that not any cluster bin could affect your mind and intentions. Also, keep visualizing that soon your wish is going to be true and prepare your mind for it.

Moreover, this whole 369 manifestation method will help you in removing all the negative and evil thoughts, that somehow distract you from your purposeful intentions, out of your mind. Also, it will eliminate all the clusters which are a major hurdle in positive thinking vibes and that stop getting you closer to your dreams’ wishes.

Other Popular Versions 

Nowadays, several different versions of the famous 369 manifestation technique are trending on top at Tiktok. A few famous versions include the following:

  1. In the first version, you are not required to write down your affirmations. Rather, you just have to focus on different things at different times like
  • On a person in the morning
  • On any of your intentions in the afternoon and evening
  • On your life goals at night before going to bed.
  1. A second famous version of it includes
  • Picking three affirmations
  • Repeating them almost 6 times a day
  • Focusing on goals for roughly 9 seconds
  • And you need to follow this entire procedure for at least 21 days.
  1. Still, a third common version of the 369 manifestation method exists which include
  • Writing your affirmation 3 times
  • Writing your intentions 6 times
  • Writing down your wished actions 9 times

Whichever version you choose, you will notice the common thread of these 3 digits running through all of them. Also, the main focus in each one of them is focusing on your desires and intentions hard and long.

Important Tips for Successful Implementation of 369 Manifestation Techniques

As this technique is solely based on strong affirmations, extreme care is required to choose them. Your selection decides whether your manifestation will work out for you or not. Also, whichever affirmation you choose, must be long enough to fully satisfy the 17-seconds rule.

Being a first-time user of the 369 manifestation method, you may be either skeptical, curious, or full of excitement to try it as it is something very unique and appealing. However, regardless of whichever group you belong to, the following are some significant tips and tricks to follow, to begin with, this technique. 

  1. Try to choose a desire that you keenly want to have, but you are not fully obsessed with it.
  2. Your wish must be written in the form of a short paragraph that takes just 15 seconds to read.
  3. The paragraph must be written in the present tense. That is because you are not really wishing for them to exist right now. Rather, you are truly thanking the great Universe for either having it already or receiving it gradually.
  4. If due to some valid reason, you break the 21 days streak of manifestation, then you will have to repeat the whole process from day 1.
  5. Always ensure to speak and write your manifestation beliefs in the present tense as if they are already in your possession currently.
  6. Never obsess over any of your desires as it may have an opposite effect on your manifestation.
  7. Fully trust and believe that your manifestation desire will come true before the 33 days get over.
  8. Always stay consistent because it is the key to success.
  9. Truly write down your manifestations by setting aside a specified time for them each day.
  10. If in case you feel self-doubt and negativity creeping over while manifesting, then you will have to struggle very hard to match your energy and intention with the thing that you desire. In such a case, give yourself some proper time to heal.

How will you know that if the 369 manifestation method is really working for you or not?

Simply put, you will clearly know that this extraordinary tool is either working or not in just a few days by noticing that does your affirmations are taking you to the actual realization of your ultimate goals or not. However, an equally important thing to be mentioned here is that as soon as you manifest properly, you start feeling positive vibes about achieving your goals soon.

If in case, you feel that this method is not working for you as per your expectations, then probably that will be because you are not firmly believing to get what you desire, or in another case you are not following the manifestation method properly. If your case is such that, then it will be worth it for you to take a short break and give your mind some time for unpacking your unclear intentions and sad feelings, either through psychiatric therapy or journaling.

The Bottom Line

The most popular advantage of 369 manifestations is the easiness and simplicity of integrating this method into routine daily lives. Like, you see you don’t have to do any hard work or leave your routine time for it. All you have to take out a little time out of your life thrice a day to write your affirmations in a personal diary or notebook and firmly believe in having your desires fulfilled in reality within just a few days. Once you integrate this technique into your routine life, you can manifest anything you want in the world.

Thus, if you are striving hard to manifest something really special in your life, then the 369 manifestation method will be worth a slot for you. The strategy behind this simple technique is that when people narrow down their minds and thoughts to focus on some specified things to attract anything they want, then the Universe naturally starts aligning things in your way and leading you to your desire.

Currently, you may be uncertain about it, but we are pretty sure that once you try the 369 manifestation technique in your life, you are never going to leave it ever after. And no doubt, absolutely people can manifest almost anything present in the world through this method. But remember just the right numbers and their precise order will help you in this regard.

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