4 Best Spam Calls Blocking Apps in 2022

Spam Calls Blocking Apps

The technological revolution that has made everything within our reach does not come alone. In times when everything is mechanized and bots have replaced actual humans working in the various business sectors, online and mobile scams have increased significantly. One primary form of mobile fraud is spam calls. 

Spam calls are annoying, but they are also quite dangerous for gullible people who have little knowledge of such scams. There is no proper way to stop this from happening other than blocking spam callers. A simple Google play store or Apple store search can take to many spam calls blocking apps. 

Choosing the Best for your Phone 

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However, the safest and most rational choice is to get the one that does not pop an ad every time you open it. Also, there are several paid and unpaid options to choose from. If you are looking for a perfect solution to protect yourself from mobile scams, such as the famous AirG spam, you have landed at the right place. AirG spam was dealt with by the company instantly, and all needed amendments were done.  

The Best Spam Calls Blocking Apps in 2022

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  1. YouMail 
Free plan requires no credit card It collects your voicemail and contacts data 
This app lets callers leave a visual voicemail via the app Voicemails can only be sent or received via the YouMail inbox 
It provides users with caller IDs and CNAME The voicemail only transcribes the initial 15 seconds of the message in texts. 

YouMail is a famous spam blocking app for Android and iOS users. Its current users are estimated to be around 11 million, out of which almost 150,000 are various businesses. It is one of the leading spam call blocking apps of 2022. While it is essential to be extra cautious when paying via cash transfers apps, it is also crucial to stay unreachable for spam calls. 

The best feature of YouMail is that it helps spam callers put to rest by delivering them the message that your number is out of service. By doing so, this app ends the spam calls without forwarding them to your voicemail. You agree to replace your current voicemail service with YouMail by downloading YouMail. 

YouMail Pricing Plans 

  • The free pricing plan allows blocking all the calls, providing a free secondary phone number, 120 minutes, 50 saved messages, and about 20 voicemail transcriptions.  
  • The personal plan costs you about $7.99 for a month for a single phone number, 1000 saved messages, 50 transactions, and 120 minutes. 
  • It also offers a solo plan for $17.99 against two virtual numbers, including local or vanity, along with 360 minutes, 10,000 saved messages, and 360 transcriptions of voicemail.  
  • The growth plan costs $29.99 a month for six numbers, unlimited minutes and voicemail transcriptions, 25,000 saved messages, and a virtual receptionist. 
  • The small business plan will cost you $49.99/month. It is applicable for 15 numbers, unlimited minutes and voicemail transcriptions, and about 25,000 saved messages. 
  1.  Call Control 
Pros Cons 
Call control has an impressive database of over 1.6 million spam callers You can only lookup ten premium phone numbers a month when using the paid plan 
Its plans are very flexible suitable for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses There is some ambiguity about the premium plan prices and features 
It also protects from spam text messages There is no option of voicemail as YouMail 

With over 12 million users in the spam callers’ database, this app is one of the most efficient spam calls blocking apps for Android and iOS users. According to official statistics, the highest number of spam calls were recorded in Brazil between 2017 and 2020. On average, a user in Brazil received about 50 spam calls every month in 2020. 

These staggering numbers of spam calls have equipped the spam calls blocking apps, such as Call Control, to incorporate features like spam call-blocking active during DND mode. This app replaces your usual calling app for making and receiving calls. Although this app is ad-supported, you can get ad-free subscriptions at different pricing plans. 

Call Control Pricing Plan

  • The free plan of this app allows downloading the app and instantly start blocking spam calls 
  • The quarterly pricing plan of this app comes for $9.99 every quarter, with more exclusive features unlocked. 
  • The yearly plan is set at $29.99 for a year, along with additional data for your number. 
  • The free-trial plan is also available for seven days. 
  1. Hiya 
The free version of this app is ad-free The free version does not block calls or provide any information about the callers 
It also lets users manage their business caller ID information This app does not block spam text messages 
Using the paid version of this app updates the spam caller database thrice a day Their website does not clearly describe the subscription details of the various pricing plans 

Hiya offers spam call blocking for iOS, Android phones, and VoIP services for various businesses, carrier services, and tech sellers. The app is functional in over 40 countries, with more than 200 million active users. Hiya also partners with tech giants, such as Samsung and AT&T. 

This app is the ultimate solution for blocking unwanted and spam calls by its unique spam detection system, which analyzes over 22 reputation metrics. Its advanced system checks phone numbers, including call history patterns and Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) or Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information using toKens (SHAKEN). 

These checking gateways allow Hiya to gauge a call before it rings on your screen effectively. 

Are you an iPhone user? If you’re looking for the best call blocker app for iPhone, consider HIYA. This free call blocker app identifies numbers by analyzing more than three billion calls monthly. Other features include caller ID security protection and a reverse phone number lookup tool. This app is also advertisement-free.

Hiya Pricing Plans 

  • The free plan of this app provides spam alerts and fraud detection only. 
  • The monthly paid plan costs about $3.99, and blocks spam calls automatically 
  • The annual paid plan is for $24.99
  • You can also try this app for free for seven days 
  1. Robo Shield 
Pros Cons 
The spam calls databases updates every six minutes It does not work on blocking spam text messages 
It can block spam and scam calls It is unable to block unknown spam numbers or restricted callers 
With its premium access, you can get Hotspot Shield VPN It is not available on Android 

Robo Shield is available on iOS only. This app allows users to build a custom block and allowlist. Compared to other spam call blocking apps, Robo Shield also offers an option to report the spam caller to FTC via the app. Also, it is the only spam calls blocking app that comes with a premium Hotspot Shield VPN subscription. 

Unlike YouMail, Robo Shield does not offer visual voicemail messages. However, it comes with eight spam categories to fully protect you from any scam, including nuisance, scam, telemarketing, jail, political, public surveys, charity, and account services. 

Robo Shield Pricing Plans 

  • The free version of this app offers to block spam callers and add them to your blocklist. 
  • The monthly plan varies from $2.99 to $3.99 a month. Using this plan can let users lookup for reverse numbers and enjoy Hotspot Shield VPN 
  • The yearly subscription fee is about $24.99 to $29.99, offering all the features of the monthly plan. 
  • The free version of this app is valid for seven days. 

Spam Calls Are a Headache 

Spam calls irritate the users and become a nuisance. They do not let you use your phone in peace, and even turning off your phone does not help in such cases. Using practical and highly-evaluated spam calls blocker is the best way to regain control of your mobile. These apps are very effective, and even the free versions offer spam blocking. 

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