4 Reasons You May Need To Hire A Professional Plumber

4 Reasons You May Need To Hire A Professional Plumber

While you may not need a professional for every little repair around the home, your home’s plumbing system is something you should be DIY’ing your way around. While most plumbing tasks such as a blocked drain may seem simple on the surface, a lot more goes into their repair than we may realize. If you are an amateur in home DIYs, while you may solve [pplumbing issues temporarily, these issues are likely to come back pretty soon and be more complicated than ever. Hence, you should always consider hiring a professional, and given below are four reasons why you may need to hire a professional plumber:

1. To ensure safe repairs

Plumbing jobs often involve specialized skills such as soldering, which is why only a professional must handle these. Plumbing systems also have certain regulations to operate on standard requirements, and it is likely that as a DIYer you might be aware of these regulations. Many plumbing repairs require excavation and only a professional can understand the need to be mindful of water, gas, and sewage lines underneath the soil’s surface. Any state or city law-mandated inspections and licenses required can also be arranged only by a professional plumber.

2. To avoid water damage

The lines in a plumbing system are suscept to pressurized water, and any incorrect repairs or connections made in these lines can cause the entire plumbing system to break down or cause water damage to one’s home. One of the most common mistakes that amateurs make when it comes to plumbing repairs is that they tend to replace shutoff valves with supply lines which can be drastic for the home. Similarly, snaking drains that are a component in plumbing systems for high-rise buildings tend to be tricky to fix and incorrect fixtures can result in water damage.

3. To prevent recurring issues

If you repair leaks and clogs around the home, you may notice that the same issues keep recurring in the same places after some time. A professional plumber, however, would solve every plumbing issue by finding its root cause rather than simply fixing things on the surface. For instance, a standard drain clog in the kitchen can be repaired with a chemical cleaner temporarily. A plumber, however, would find the source of the clog and fix that instead. Similarly, leaks can temporarily be solved by tightening the valves of a plumbing system. A plumber, however, would fix leaks by addressing the root cause which could be excessive water pressure. 

4. To get access to warranties

Plumbers are experienced and reliable professionals that not only offer warranties on their work but also offer warranties on any new fixtures they may introduce to your home. Licensed plumbers can provide this warranty, that any DIYer cannot possibly do. If you have a persistent problem in your home and you call a plumber to fix it for you once, you can call them again free of charge if the issue persists. Additionally, any fixture that a plumber introduces you to can be replaced free of cost due to the manufacturer’s warranty, and your plumber will take care of the entire process.

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