4 Things You Can Do If You Forget a Friend’s Birthday

Friend’s Birthday

A recent study found that around 11% of Americans have problems with their memory. In most cases, these problems are pretty mild. However, if you forget important dates or occasions, you will feel bad. Showing your friends how much they mean to you is important. When a friend’s birthday rolls around, you need to pull out all of the stops.

Forgetting about a friend’s birthday can make you feel horrible. Instead of ignoring the fact that you forgot this important day, you need to make up for it. Here are some things you can do if you forget a friend’s birthday.

1. Contact an Online Flower Delivery Service

When you figure out what you have allowed a friend’s birthday to go by without noticing, taking action is important. If you are faced with a situation like this, you need to find a gift option that you can have delivered right away. One of the best gifts you can get delivered in a hurry is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There are many same-day flower delivery services currently operating online.

When you forget to buy a gift, you need to get a gift delivered to your friend. With a bit of research, you can find an online flower delivery service that can provide beautiful and unique bouquets. Before using an online flower delivery service, take some time to find out more about their experience and reputation. By looking at the online reviews a flower delivery service has received, you can figure out if they are the right fit.

2. Book a Quick Dinner Reservation

There is simply no denying just how important maintaining friendships can be. Communicating with your friends regardless of the situation is imperative when trying to keep your relationships strong. If you do forget your friend’s birthday, your main goal should be to make it up to them. One of the best ways to show your friend how sorry you are is by booking a reservation at their favorite restaurant.

Taking your friend out to dinner and paying for it is a great birthday gift. Even if you have to wait a week or so to get a reservation, you can still tell your friend about it so they can clear their schedule.

3. Gift Cards Are a Good Idea

Over the years, gift cards have gotten a pretty bad wrap. Some people feel like these cards are impersonal. In reality, gift cards allow the recipient to get whatever they want. If you are trying to buy something for a person who seemingly has it all, then gift cards are a good option. Ideally, you want to get a gift card that can be redeemed virtually anywhere. Popular credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard make gift cards that are designed to be flexible.


4. Spend Some Time With Your Friend       

Perhaps the easiest way to make up for missing a friend’s birthday is by spending some time with them. Hanging out with your friend for a day and making memories will probably mean more to them than any gift will. Allowing your friend to pick where you go and what activities you do on this day is a good idea.

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do to make up for missing your friend’s birthday. Fessing up to the fact that you forgot about this momentous day is the first step in fixing this mistake. Your friend will probably appreciate the fact that you are honest about your mistake and will have no problem forgiving you. 

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