5 Awesome Elements For A Pitch Deck For Investors


Every passionate businessman is accustomed to pitching their products and services. It’s important to master an elevator pitch. That’s possible with the must-have elements in a startup pitch deck. It’s natural for businesses to infect their energy with total strangers. And, that’s possible with the help of a pitch deck for investors. The right startup pitch deck will target the right angel investors.

Having these 5 elements in your startup pitch deck can elevate your pitch!

An Appealing Introduction

Storytelling is a great approach. Make investors pay by appealing to them with a story. One of the best pitches, in that case, is of Rob Frohwein from Kabbage. It’s an online platform providing capital for startups. In his pitch, he talks about a client who runs an e-commerce company. How he struggles for secure credit and all the details make the problem personal. That’s how he solved the pain points of the target audience.

A Clear Vision

The job of a venture is to show your investors about the improvements. For instance, George Yu is the inventor of the mobile sensor NODE. He told the audience, Node has superhuman senses. It can turn anyone into a superman. That phrase got everyone’s attention. He was not only funded but also won the Nissan Innovation Award. That’s because of his appealing approach and great vision.

A Solid Plan For Your Vision

Every businessman needs to capture at least 2% of the market. Investors care about the milestones that you’re about to achieve. The startup pitch deck must focus on how you’re going to achieve that milestone. The pitch deck must focus on the executions to make your idea a sound investment. It’s important to show the investors that you’ve got a legitimate plan for the opportunity. You must provide an actionable plan to the crowd.

A Concise Exit Strategy

Investors want to see your exit and return strategy. A million-dollar execution plan won’t convince the investors. How you’re going to achieve it and what you’re going to do for it. These are the two main important factors to be kept in mind. Make sure that you get in the eyes of the investors before they get around similar deals.

Remain Engaging and Be Prepared

The stage presence will make you look prepared. Plus, it is engaging for the audience. Train your voice. Perfect your passion, carriage, confidence and projection. Don’t sound too stiff. Make sure you bring your videotape along and watch it to refine your body language. When you’re in a room full of angel investors, make sure to look them in the eye. Until you get a reaction from them, keep looking. Then, shift your gaze to another person. It will create a connection with the audience.

If you’ve any other tips for startup pitch decks, do let us know in the comment section below!

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