5 Helpful Tips to Get More Kills in Shooter Games

Get More Kills in Shooter Games

Shooter games are among the most common gaming genres on mobile phones and PCs. However, not everyone is cut out to survive the rigors and action on the battlefield. If you wish to improve your aim and get more kills, keep reading to learn some vital tips. 

Helpful Tips for Better Aim and Kills

Here are some vital tips to keep you winning

Adjust your overall game setting

There are several game settings that you can review to aim and kill better as a FPS player. The first is the game speed. If you think the speed is too fast-paced, simply go to the settings menu to readjust. You can also play around with the graphics setting. Some expert players recommend a blurred texture for a better aim. 

Learn to use the mouse better

Another essential setting you must check out is your mouse setting. You can increase its sensitivity to make quick turns when you shoot. Similarly, reducing its sensitivity makes you have better precision. However, you must note that your clicking skill is the primary determinant of the number of kills you get. 

You can improve this clicking skill by practicing with a click-per-second (CPS) test. A CPS Counter – Track Click Speed platform helps gamers assess their mouse-using skill in a game objectively.  

Crosshair setting

Ensure the crosshair is at the enemy’s head level as you play. Doing this will ensure that you’re not far from a headshot or the target at all times. You can also reduce the cross hair size to improve your aim. A big cross-hair has advantages, too, but a smaller one helps with precision. 

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

One tip for getting better at a game is identifying your weaknesses. Without assessing yourself, you’ll find it hard to improve. Thankfully, most first-person shooter games show highlights whenever you shoot or fail to hit your target. Watch these highlights and see how you can improve moving forward. 

Get the latest hardware

It goes without saying that you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Your opponent or the computer, as the case may be, wields a more advanced gadget, and you’re merely managing an outdated one. You have to bring your A-game, not only in the software aspect but the hardware as well. 

The gaming mouse is the most essential tool you should have if you wish to be a better shooter. This is because most shooting games use the mouse and its click as the shoot button. It may be best to get a mouse with additional controls. This will help you perform multiple actions at once. 

Final Words 

Irrespective of the tips you wish to take to heart, you must practice it regularly. This is because being good at one thing is usually better than being average at many things. You can watch highlights of experts as they play any shooter game you enjoy and find a way to replicate their skills. With time, you will also become a master in your own right.

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