The Future of Music Data? Meet Viberate’s Offerings

The Future of Music Data? Meet Viberate's Offerings

In the realm of music analytics, Viberate stands out as a trailblazer, aiming to democratize the world of Spotify data analytics and other music data insights. Here’s a closer look at their cutting-edge offerings.

For years, the high cost of music analytics tools meant they remained out of reach for numerous indie artists and labels. Viberate is changing the game, showcasing its commitment to making the music industry more inclusive. Their clarion call is clear: “Creating a more inclusive music business by making high-quality data affordable for every industry professional.” This ethos is reflected in their pricing strategy, which has seen a significant reduction from $129 to a mere $9.90 per month for their professional suite.

Harnessing the power of music analytics, Viberate constantly monitors over 1M+ artists, translating their performance metrics from streaming platforms, social media, and other channels into actionable insights. Their comprehensive platform offers analytics tailored for specific channels, such as Spotify and TikTok, data-driven charts, and innovative tools that facilitate talent discovery for all artists.

To understand the depth of Viberate’s music analytics, consider this: they provide a holistic mapping and analysis of the entire music ecosystem. This includes artists, tracks, festivals, playlists, and labels. By transforming streaming and social data into invaluable insights, Viberate ensures professionals can uncover new talent, strategize promotional campaigns, and produce business reports with unmatched efficiency.

One of the standout features of Viberate is its Spotify data analytics. They meticulously analyze every artist’s streaming performance on Spotify, capturing details like monthly listeners, followers, streams, and playlist placements. A unique aspect is the consolidated analysis of an artist’s songs in one dashboard, making it simpler to filter by streams or release date and even listen to tracks in the same section. Additionally, there’s a comprehensive analysis highlighting the artist’s monthly listeners, divided by country and city.

Diving deeper, Viberate’s playlist analyzer offers an immersive view into an artist’s Spotify playlist performance. This tool not only captures every playlist placement but also highlights the top-performing playlists and tracks. Professionals can monitor playlist reach and assess the number of active playlists over a period, making it easier to gauge the impact of a specific song or album release.

What’s more, boasts a massive chart of over 12M+ playlists, opening doors for artists to find the most apt playlists corresponding to their genre and career phase. The filtering capabilities are simply groundbreaking. Looking for Pop playlists with over 10,000 followers, curated by indie specialists, and featuring a minimum of 30% new songs from the last three months? Viberate has you covered.

Beyond Spotify, Viberate also provides a feature to assess how artists rank globally. With options to apply filters based on country, genre, or performance, users have the flexibility to derive specific insights. Highlighting the Chart feature, the company underscores its transformative potential for talent discovery, allowing A&Rs to identify and evaluate talent more swiftly and efficiently. The platform even offers a saving feature for different filter preferences, ensuring the desired insights are readily available.

In conclusion, if the realm of music analytics intrigues you, Viberate’s unparalleled tools, including their robust playlist analyzer and in-depth Spotify data analytics, are certainly worth exploring. They are not just tools but powerful instruments reshaping the future of the music industry.

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