5 Ways Reiki therapy Promotes Spiritual Healing

While Reiki Originated in Japan over two thousand years ago, its relevance and healing potential are widely accepted, even today. It’s not merely an alternative medicine of the past but a healing method practised by Reiki therapists worldwide.

Theoretically, Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that uses various palm movements and symbols to trigger both emotional and physical healing. At the core, Reiki therapy works with the belief that all the internal troubles an individual face stems from an imbalance of qi, i.e., vital energy, and to get rid of it all, this balance needs to be restored. And Reiki is about restoring this said balance.

To help you understand the significance of Reiki, let’s explore the various ways in which Reiki therapy promotes spiritual healing.

1.  Reduces Stress Levels

In this fast-paced world, there is a lot to be stressed about. Work pressure, competition, and health issues cause stress to pile up and bring down our overall quality of life. When you are excessively stressed, the energy channels of your body get blocked and restrict the proper flow of energy or chakra, causing several bodily imbalances.

It is exactly why Reiki is quite popular in today’s world. Through the various hand movements involved in Reiki, a Reiki master could unblock these channels and help release stress.

Jennifer Ahrens, a Reiki therapist who offers sessions to cancer patients and their carers at Oncology-Hematology Unit at Bega Valley Health Services, reported that the sessions helped her patients cope with the stress and fear they felt during the diagnosis and treatment procedure.

So, with Reiki therapy, you can trigger a process of spiritual healing that will make you better equipped to deal with all the problems you encounter in life.

2.  Helps Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Reiki healing simultaneously targets your body, spirit and mind and makes way for holistic healing. The healing touch of Reiki is such that it helps you calm your mind and release negative thoughts by opening energy channels of the body.

Reiki is not just about hand movements and symbols but has several basic principles as its foundation. When you adopt these principles into your life, you make way for a thriving and positive self.

5 principles of Reiki

  • Just For Today, I Will Not be Angry
  • Just For Today, I Will Leave My Worries Behind
  • Just For Today, I Will Be Grateful
  • Just For Today, I Will Be Honest
  • Just For Today, I Will Be Kind To Every Living Being

3.  Improves Sleep Quality

When you feel better, you sleep better. As Reiki is a form of energy healing, Reiki counselling could help you feel better in your skin. It will help release stress and relax your body and mind, improving your overall sleep quality.

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common causes of insomnia, and Reiki helps deal with both. And the moment the stress levels are reduced, your heart rate and body temperature will also improve. All these factors together would help you relax your body and help deal with insomnia from the root itself.

4.  Triggers Spiritual and Emotional Growth

A Reiki session doesn’t involve consuming any medical substances or physical manipulation. It is a gentle technique that makes way for a feeling of psychospiritual well-being through balancing your body’s vital energy.

So, Reiki helps restore the body’s natural balance. And once this balance is restored, you can think more rationally while keeping aside all negative thoughts. It eventually would pave the way for your spiritual and emotional growth.

Sessions in Reiki would address all aspects of yourself; body, mind and spirit and charge your life with positive energy, improve your mood and make space for holistic growth.

5.  Helps Adopt a Positive Lifestyle

When you lead a life free of stress and negativity, you make better lifestyle choices. The positivity that you feel within will radiate to other aspects of your life and make you want to do better in all spheres. And Reiki could be your first meaningful step toward leading a positive and stress-free life.

Reiki helps restore your body’s natural healing ability and improve your heart rate, blood pressure, immune system and blood circulation. You will feel physically fit and as a result, try to stay away from activities that hamper this fitness level and adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Make way for Spiritual Healing With Reiki

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