How To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

It seems like there’s never enough time in the mornings, right? And you always end up running out the door late with your hair having a mind of its own and no breakfast in your belly.

Well, the key to a successful day is a well-managed morning. Once you get your routine down, it will be like clockwork. 

Unfortunately, we all know that getting that routine down can take time. Even if you have a go-to breakfast for the week, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of getting everyone else ready and out the door too if you are responsible for that, too.

But there are ways to speed up your morning routine. Here are a few ways to help you save time as well as effectively manage your morning routine:

Don’t try to do too much in the morning

This is the best tip you will ever get to speed up your morning routine. Breathe! Don’t try to fit in too many tasks in the morning. Mornings are short, and if you are trying to accommodate a lot of things into that time, it is likely to slow you down. 

For example, instead of watching YouTube videos as part of your morning routine to wake up or get in the mood for the day, try to read a magazine or play with a Rubik’s Cube. This will limit the amount of time you squander on unproductive activities and keep you on clock.  

Set time aside for a brief workout to feel energised

Workouts are crucial to not just our physical well-being but also how we feel mentally. But a morning workout is even better because it gets your blood pumping and helps you stay on track for the rest of the day. Opting for a dynamic cardio session over a more rigorous workout will help you feel energised and ready to take on your day. Just make sure that you are not too tired or hungry before you start! 

And if you are looking to find the motivation to exercise, there’s nothing like some cool workout gear to do just that for you. Check out these Nike discount codes to never pay full price on thousands of styles worldwide. 

Have a morning ritual that doesn’t involve technology

If you want to start your day with a boost of positivity, try having a morning routine that doesn’t involve screens of any kind. Simply because you are likely to mindlessly scroll and end up losing your momentum. 

Instead, you could meditate for five minutes or even invest some time towards self-care. If you go the meditation route, consider using an app like Headspace, which provides guided sessions to help get you in the right space. Ok we know we said no technology, but the biggest benefit of using guided meditation apps is that you can time your sessions, so you don’t end up overspending your morning time. 

Alternatively, if yoga sounds more up your alley, try asanas that strengthen your core and get your blood flowing. In general, it is good to be gentle with yourself during this time; no need to go too hard at 8:00 in the morning!

Another mood-booster is drinking something warm first thing upon waking. Many people enjoy tea or coffee, but if caffeine isn’t your thing, hot water with lemon is another great option. And it is also much better for you than super sugary drinks like soda and packaged juices, which aren’t the best choices to help you start the day out on the right foot!

Prep breakfast the night before

A fantastic way to save yourself time in the morning and set yourself up for success is to prep breakfast the night before. This could mean simply preparing components of a recipe you can easily put together in the morning or creating an entire meal that requires little more than reheating.

Smoothies are a great option for this — they are easy to make and usually require just a few ingredients. If you have frozen fruits (or are willing to freeze them!), then you can blend up a smoothie without even adding ice! You can also prepare breakfast bars like these, which are perfect for grabbing as you head out the door.

If you want something warm in the morning but don’t have much time, consider learning some 15-minute breakfast recipes that will help kick-start your day efficiently without demanding a longer cooking time. Need inspiration? YouTube is the best place to start!

Set out your clothes the night before

One of the best ways to speed up your morning routine is to set out your clothes the night before. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you don’t have to spend any time deciding what to wear or searching for items of clothing that may be lying around. 

Choosing your outfit a night before will also prevent you from making any poor outfit choices and save you wardrobe surprises like an outfit no longer fitting you or not looking good with something else you planned to wear.

In addition, make sure that you choose clothes that are comfortable and easy to put on. Avoid overly-fussy garments that require assistance tying, zipping, buttoning or buckling. Whatever outfit and accessories you choose should be easy for you to put on quickly while making you look dapper for the rest of the day.

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