5 Ways to Come Back Down From an Intense Cannabis High

Intense Cannabis High


So you’ve just sparked up.

But now, you’re sitting on your couch, your bed, your chair, or even on your floor—and you’re high as a kite

Plus, you may not be sure exactly how to come down from it.

Maybe you’re feeling a little bit anxious. 

Maybe you’re even starting to feel paranoid. 

You may feel like your heart is racing, and like you’re having trouble focusing on exactly where you are and what’s going on. 

Well, first of all, it’s important to understand that an overdose of THC, while perhaps unpleasant, isn’t really a lethal danger

While it’s true that smoking too much (or eating too many edibles) can definitely make you feel too high and have a negative effect on your perception, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to come to any real serious physical harm from this. 

With that being said, knowing how to handle such an intense cannabis high can be useful. 

Let’s be real—feeling anxious and paranoid because you’ve accidentally gotten too high isn’t a good feeling. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn five different ways to come back down from an intense cannabis high, and return to earth (with some sense of normalcy along with it, hopefully). 

Let’s get into it. 

1. Relax

When you’re in the middle of an intense cannabis high, you may start to feel like things are going wrong.

But it’s really important to try to relax when this happens. 

Here’s the thing. 

The psychoactive effects of cannabis can really cause a ‘warping’ of your perceptions—and sometimes, things seem much different than they actually are, especially from an emotional perspective. 

So give yourself some time, and just relax. 

Try listening to some soft ambient music, or watch a show that tends to calm you down. 

2. Drink Some Water

Making sure that you stay hydrated is really important. So try to drink a bottle or a glass of water while you’re waiting to come down from your high. 

Avoid drinking alcohol while high on cannabis. Water is your best option because it can help to counter the ‘dry mouth’ that often comes with sparking up. 

3. Wait It Out 

This is kind of the hard part. 

But hopefully, just knowing that this is one of the only ways to actually come down from a high should bring you some comfort. 

You really just have to wait it out. 

If you wait, relax, and be patient, you’ll eventually come back down from this very intense high.

But here’s the thing, it can take some time. 

It can even take hours. 

So as stated before—tuck yourself in on the couch, watch a comforting show, and give it time to dissipate. 

Oh, and do not drive while you’re high! 

That would definitely be dangerous. 

4. Eat Some Food 

Eating some food to give your metabolism a little ‘kick’ can do a lot to help get you through that intense high a little bit faster.

It’s not necessarily a miracle cure, but hey—there’s nothing wrong with consuming a bit of comfort food to help bring you comfort, right?

Plus, the munchies are bound to kick in at some point. 

5. Talk To A Friend 

One interesting thing about an intense cannabis high is that it can really do a number on your emotions

Some people may get really happy when they smoke—while others may get really sad, worried, lonely, depressed, etc. 

As a general rule, people tend to get happier when they use cannabis. 

But if you’re starting to get worried, anxious, or paranoid, then talking to a friend may be a great way to help you calm down if you don’t have a friend with you. 

Consider calling someone on the phone, telling them that you’re feeling anxious, and just asking them to talk to you for a little bit. 

Reaching out like this can be super helpful. 


Hopefully, these five tips will help to give you some ideas for how to come down from that next cannabis high safely and effectively

Just be careful when using cannabis. 

Going too hard on it can definitely be an unpleasant experience, and it may ruin the other pleasurable benefits that THC can produce. 

In the words of some experienced cannabis user guru somewhere…

“Chill out bro. It’s all gonna be cool.”

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