What does your Candle Scent Preference say about you?

The age of zodiacs and horoscopes is long gone. Now we judge people based on the raw data and information you have on the internet whereas companies use their purchase patterns and history to find out what to advertise to them. But the best and nicest way to find out what you are like is quite simple. It is the perfumes you like on you that give us an insight into your personality.

Fragrances and candle scents both have the commonality of influencing people’s moods and opinions. So here are a few scents and what they do. Based on which one you like the most, you can deduce the sort of person you are.

Mocha Brew

A sophisticated scent that does not go with everyone, this one perks up your senses and boosts your productivity. If you like this one, you are a slightly bold but also sensitive person that likes to spread positivity all around you. 

English Lavender

Liked by those with a kindred spirit! English lavender scents are refreshing and cheery and will uplift your mood in an instant. If you are a fan of this scent it means you have got it in you to overcome difficult obstacles in your life and still remain passionate, carefree, and relaxed while doing it. 

This is a well-known scent to induce relaxation and mental acuity so do give it a try during a bath.

Pine scent

Want to lift your mood while working? Light up a pine-scented candle and it will instantly revitalize your senses and make you feel more productive. Pine scents are known to reduce fatigue and increase focus, especially while you are reading or working. A lot of the custom printed candle boxes come in the shape of pines so it is easy to spot them.

Vanilla and Cinnamon

For people with a soft-spoken nature and easy-going attitude, vanilla is a perfect match. It is a natural sedative and is usually used by people who have difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep. And for the ladies out there going through PMS, you can make it easier for yourself by lighting up this candle and getting rid of fatigue.

Zesty Orange

Extroverts, assemble! This scent is for people who love hanging out and meeting new people. A quick anxiety releaser, orange scents calm you and balance your emotions while giving you more energy to go out and be you. Zesty scented candles always add vibrancy to whichever room they are lit in. 

Creating the right kind of atmosphere with the right kind of scent is an important part of making memories. In fact, as you may well know, scents create and trigger memories in your brain and remind you of experiences in your life that you thought you had forgotten. Attaching scents to particular events can easily be associated with that memory. 

These observations are proof that scented candles are a great way to change the mood of the room and that too to your liking by choosing scents accordingly.

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