6 Best Ecommerce Site in Bangladesh (2022)

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With the help of modern technology, we all are witnessing the dynamic development of e-commerce sites in our country. Especially these days’ e-commerce sites are becoming more and more popular among the people of Bangladesh.

Since it is so popular, different e-commerce like Shopoth.com develop diverse and innovative services. And there’s more.

Let’s know about 6 best e-commerce sites in Bangladesh (2022).

1. Shopoth.com:

Shopoth.com is an e-commerce site based in Bangladesh. Compared to the other e-commerce site of Bangladesh, it is quite new. Then again, their service and product lineup are always up to the mark. And this is why they have become well popular among the people of Bangladesh.

Additionally, there are huge collections of products on shopoth.com. You can buy almost every daily essential stuff to the fashion item from there. The best part is that they always offer the best and fair price of the product.

They also ensure the product’s quality over the price. If you are the type of person who frequently shops online, give it a try at shopoth.com today!

2. Daraz.com.bd:

Daraz.com.bd is one of Bangladesh’s most popular and biggest online e-commerce sites. You can buy and sell goods from Daraz.com.bd. Not only the buying and selling, but you can also be a part of the affiliated marketer with Daraz.com.bd.

Generally, for people familiar with online e-commerce and shopping online in Bangladesh, daraz.com.bd is well-known. Because you will find a massive collection of products on various items on this e-commerce site, sometimes you wouldn’t even see it in any big shopping mall. You can buy daily grocery items to any big furniture items from Daraz.com.bd.

3. Pickaboo.com:

After Daraz, Pickaboo.com is the second largest e-commerce site in Bangladesh. They started their journey in 2016. And they are always committed to quality products and top-notch customer service. They usually sell high-quality products like electronic products, mobile phones, perfumes, watches, etc.

The best part about pickaboo.com is its commitment to customer service and its delivery system. They offer same-day delivery with a reliable and easy return policy. They have many payment methods like Bkash, card payment, Cash on delivery, swipe on delivery, and many more.

4. Chaldal.com:

Recently, Chaldal.com has become so popular during this covid pandemic because people were spending their most time at home. As a result, they needed to shop for their daily necessaries online. An e-commerce site like Chaldal.com was very useful e-commerce during the pandemic.

Because this e-commerce mainly deals with daily necessaries and groceries. And we need these types of items in our everyday life. Chaldal.com sells various kinds of daily necessary grocery products like fruits, vegetables, rice, fish, and many other grocery items.

They offer Cash on delivery or any other digital payment gateway. As a result, people no longer have to go to the physical super shop to buy those stuff. They can easily shop daily groceries from Chaladal.com more conveniently and easily.  

5. Bagdoom.com:

Bagdoom.com started its journey in 2010. When they started their journey, their initial name was Akhoni.com. After that, they rebrand their name to Bagdoom.com. This e-commerce site is also very well known to the people of Bangladesh. They sell products like fashion items, electronic items, daily necessary products, etc.

This e-commerce site also offers various types of delivery systems along with an easy return policy. When you go to that website, you will find so many well-known fashion brands of Bangladesh in one place. You will also find some international brands’ products on this e-commerce site. And these characteristics make this e-commerce so unique from others.

6. Ajkerdeal.com:

This e-commerce site started its journey in 2011. They started their e-commerce journey with a very limited collection and variety. But now, they have expanded, and now they have huge collections of various affiliated brands and items.

Ajkerdeal.com is also known as a sibling firm of www.bdjobs.com. Even though they already have that brand reputation, they are again very committed to customer service. You will always get attractive offers and cashback deals on this e-commerce site.

Bottom line:

Apart from the 6 best ecommerce sites in Bangladesh, There are plenty of other e-commerce sites that provide their service.

Due to its flexibility eCommerce business is expanding day by day in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, it’s a smarter, easier, and more convenient way to shop.

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