Product reviews play a pivotal role in the success of your Amazon listings. When potential buyers are weighing their options among products in a similar price range, they often lean towards listings with the highest quality and quantity of Amazon product reviews. With the introduction of Amazon’s Request a Review button in late 2019, sellers welcomed a tool that promised to facilitate the acquisition of more product reviews.

Despite the utility of Amazon’s Request a Review button, it does come with its own set of limitations. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions available to help you and your business overcome these constraints. Below, we’ll delve into how the Request a Review button operates and explore how Dragon Dealz can streamline and automate the process of soliciting reviews on your behalf.

Automatize Your Amazon Reviews with Dragon Dealz

How does the Request Amazon Review button work?

When you open an order on the Manage Orders page in Amazon Seller Central, you will find  a “Request Review” button at the top right of an order, next to the “Print Packing Slip” and “Refund Order” buttons. When you click  this button, the buyer will receive an email from Amazon asking them to rate the purchased item  and  their experience with you as a seller.

This was a great addition to the Amazon order details section.The ability to send an email directly to your customers with the click of a button that is automatically translated into their preferred language, asks for feedback, and complies with Amazon’s Terms of Service  is an exceptional feature. However, there are two main problems that prevent it  from being much more useful:

You cannot automate it: To take advantage of this feature, you must click the button. This isn’t a big  deal in  itself, but if you’re a big seller, the time you spend using this button on a case-by-case basis  really adds up. And if you forget to press the button or are  on vacation, these customers will not be contacted.

You cannot preset a delivery date: Building on the point above, you cannot schedule  this email to be sent; It turns off every time you press the button.Some products only take a short time  to be ready for review, while others may take a  few weeks for the customer to form an opinion. Optimising the timing of sending these emails without automation or programming would be an extremely difficult task.

Dragon Dealz solves these and other problems.

With Dragon Dealz you can create an entire campaign to automatically trigger the Amazon Request a Review button. You can automate and schedule the sending of these messages  in advance.

Once you have created a campaign in Dragon Dealz using the Create Amazon Reviews and Feedback Campaign option in  Campaign Manager, you can customise your campaign with any of the following options:

  • Marketplace – If you sell on multiple international marketplaces, you  have the option to create separate campaigns for each market you want to send review requests to.
  • FBA or FBM? – You can also decide whether you want your campaign to target shoppers who purchased items with Merchant Fulfilment, Fulfilment by Amazon, or both. This option allows you to create separate campaigns for FBA and FBM if you want to collect different data, or put them together if you just want to target all sales.
  • Email Scheduling by SKU: Dragon Dealz understands that different products have different needs when it comes to the buyer leaving a review.The best response to an iPhone case can be achieved within 5-7 days of delivery as most buyers  try it out on their phone as soon as they receive it. On the other hand, it can take some time to test a new webcam in different situations, such as conference calls or personal videos. Therefore, it is best to send them a review request after three weeks. You can choose to have your email sent automatically  at a specific time between 5 and 30 days after you purchase an item, SKU by SKU.
  • Filter Options: Sellers can add filters to their campaigns to determine whether to send follow-up emails  to customers who meet different criteria, including repeat buyers or orders with delayed deliveries. Other filter options include orders with coupons or promotions.Order Matching Rules: With this in mind, sellers can also add very specific filters to their campaigns based on their product SKUs and ASINs  using Dragon Dealz’s Specific Order Matching dropdown.

  • In the dynamic landscape of Amazon e-commerce, harnessing the power of automated review requests is essential for maximising product visibility and sales potential. Dragon Dealz offers a comprehensive solution to overcome the limitations of Amazon’s Request a Review button, providing sellers with the tools needed to streamline and optimise their review solicitation process.

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