The advantages and disadvantages of the Click & Collect

Click & Collect

With the COVID-19 health crisis, e-commerce exploded following the various lockdowns and store closures. With various new means of delivery emerging.

Even though the e-commerce trend of click and collect (C&C) had already been for a few years now, it accelerated heavily during the pandemic with the impossibility for merchants to open their sales space to the public while pursuing a minimal activity.

Also, this method of withdrawal was carried by purchases in supermarkets and catering and has become a source of attracting more and more consumers.

What are the strengths of click and collect? Discover everything you need to know to retain as many customers as possible!

The advantages and disadvantages of click and collect

If you don’t yet offer click and collect between your website and your store, it’s time to look into it!

Ease of payment, delivery costs, loyalty and enhancement of your business: many good surprises for few inconveniences await you. What are you waiting for to make these technical adaptations?

Benefits for traders

With the health crisis, many points of sale have had logistical problems. Also, to compensate for the lack of staff, this alternative to delivery can relieve your business and satisfy your customers.

What are the other important points of click and collect?

  • As you do not ship , it is up to the consumer to travel to pick up his order,
  • Thus, for the consumer choosing this type of pickup, customer satisfaction is optimal.
  • Your shipping costs and related logistics are reduced, freeing you up to take care of other parts of your business.
  • Customers buy on the Internet but visit your point of sale to pick up the boxed packaged goods and you put the odds on your side to encourage your customers to buy additional items once there (up-sell or cross-sell).
  • Similarly there are some products which are not suitable for delivery such as bottled and jarred packaged goods, on the off chance that they might perish if delivery takes too long, or items can break. With click and collect the customer is responsible for the product, taking a major burden off of you.
  • It is also an opportunity to create a loyal and local clientele.

Benefits for customers

This method has proven itself to consumers, who are increasingly attracted to this type of online ordering.

  • For the customer, delivery costs no longer exist, and all the constraints related to shipping by post in particular (possible delays, waiting several days, etc.)
  • The buyer can pick up the product the same day, without waiting, at the place of his choice.
  • Your catalog and your online store allow you to offer a digital visit 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Consumers can do their shopping at home and choose their ideal time to pick up their order.
  • If the product is not suitable, the buyer can exchange or modify his order directly.
  • Click and collect adapts, tailor-made, to consumer expectations.

Disadvantages for sellers

To be able to set up an effective and appreciated in-store pickup, you must organize your service accordingly in order to avoid all the following inconveniences:

  • If you offer this service, you must obviously check the availability of all your products in stock and in store, by linking your cash register software to your platform in particular, and this is valid for all forms of e-commerce.
  • In terms of logistics thanks to click and collect, you must be able to welcome your customers in the same way as your other visitors. The purchase method may be different, but your buyer will certainly be able to add products to his basket ordered online: make this customer one of your VIPs!

Cons for consumers

  • The customer must move to pick up his order. A mandatory but chosen action!
  • If the wait is too long at the checkout, he may have a bad opinion of your business.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages of such a service should not be an obstacle to setting up your service.

Updating stocks in real time and optimizing your organization in situ will be the key words to accomplish your in-store collection mission.

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