6 Reasons to Use Animated Storytelling to Enhance Marketing


Businesses use innovative ways to enhance their marketing strategy in this digital era. One of the most effective tools marketers nowadays uses animated video. It helps in creating the brand image and delivering your message efficiently.

We all have watched animated video stories in our childhood. People love to hear a story; if it adds animation, it captures the audience’s attention. Animated storytelling is highly effective in conveying complex concepts in an easy-to-understand message. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the reasons why animated storytelling has become one of the widely used marketing techniques.

Animated Storytelling

Technological advancements have helped marketers to use storytelling techniques to enrich their communication with the audience. Nowadays, businesses use animations in their videos.

You can incorporate animated storytelling in your marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives. It has become an essential tool for marketing.

Let’s look at the following reasons why you should add animated storytelling to your marketing strategy.

1. It Creates your Brand Image in a Competitive Digital Space in a Unique way

You can use animated storytelling to highlight your product or service’s features and benefits uniquely. That is why marketers use animated storytelling to convey their message to the audience. These videos are highly creative and allow businesses to explain their vision to the target customers and engage them to make a purchase. 

So, add animated storytelling in your video and think of unique ideas to build your brand identity in front of an audience. Viewers love to watch visually appealing videos that add value to their information and explain a product’s or service’s benefits.

You can use animated storytelling to enhance your marketing activities and increase your customer base.

2. Use Animated Marketing Videos to Trigger Emotions

The main objective of every organization is to build long-term relationships with the audience. However, it may take some time to build audience trust in your brand, but this strategy helps companies achieve their business objectives.

The beauty of animation is that you can use it to trigger emotions. Unlike live-action, animated videos highlight a product’s or service’s features and benefits with creative visuals.

Customers search for specific companies when they look for a solution to fulfill their needs. If your video explains a story your audience can relate to, they are more likely to purchase your offering solution.

So, deciding what customers’ emotions you want to trigger is essential.

For instance, you can use animated storytelling to make them feel happy, excited, safe, or calm.

Ensure the emotions you opt for; need to relate with your brand’s message you want to convey.

3. Improve Conversion Rates

According to BuzzFlick, if you embed a video on a website, your website organic traffic is more likely to rise by 157%. However, sometimes it might be challenging for marketers to convert viewers into loyal customers. You can use animated video to make the customer journey shorter.

Moreover, various studies revealed that businesses who incorporate a video for their marketing get a 27% increase in their click-through rates than those who don’t use it.

4. Viewers Memorize the Content with Animated Videos

We all remember the cartoons we watched in our childhood. It is easy to understand and memorize the content with animation. Animation engages the audience effectively and makes the content memorable.

Animated videos should be entertaining, informative, and to the point. These videos are creative and capture the audience’s attention. So, incorporate animated videos to enhance your business growth.

If you are creating a marketing strategy, it is ideal for incorporating animated videos to influence consumer buying behavior. Viewers can memorize your message with animated videos quickly.

You might be wondering about the animated video cost. Most animation companies charge between $10,000 to $15,000 for a 90 second’s video.

5. It Enables you to Incorporate your Imagination

Animated videos allow you to think of innovative ideas and turn them into reality. Few tools give the users this kind of flexibility in creating content. Tech companies use animated videos to explain complex concepts and how your product or service functions in an easy-to-understand way.

That is why businesses use animated videos when they launch a new product.

Moreover, the beauty of animated video is that it makes the complex concepts entertaining and captures the audience’s interest in the video.

6. Animation helps in Creating a Brand Association

The best part of animated storytelling is that it creates a brand association and the audience associates themselves with your brand. That is why most businesses incorporate video animation into their marketing strategy.

Use visually appealing storytelling in your animated videos and build their trust in your brand.

Animation allows marketers to create a brand image in audiences’ minds.

In some cases, businesses face a situation in which they get negative audience feedback because of the unfair marketing practices by competitors. These situations negatively impact brand image despite providing the best quality products or services.

Animated video helps avoid this situation by creating associations and building your brand image more effectively.

Closing Remarks

In this digital age, digital marketing has become one of the best mediums to advertise any business, product, or service. It made it easy for marketers to deliver their brand message to a larger audience.

We have discussed how marketers can incorporate animated storytelling into their marketing strategy. It helps businesses in highlighting the key features of their product or services.

Moreover, people nowadays prefer to watch animated videos because they explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way with creative visuals.

If you want to compete in the market, you need to use animated storytelling in your videos. Moreover, you can post these videos on various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., to deliver your brand’s message to a larger audience.

If you are a corporate company and you want a video for your business, you can search for the best corporate video production companies and outsource your video projects to a credible company. I recommend you outsource your projects to BuzzFlick. They have revolutionized digital media with top-notch videos.

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