Why are Whinches a High Priority Accessory in an Off-road Setup?

Whinches a High Priority Accessory in an Off-road Setup

When you’re outfitting your off-road setup, there is a long list of parts and accessories to consider. Whether you’re talking Procomp wheels, suspension systems or off-road lights, there are compelling reasons to add a dozen elements to your rig. When you’re talking about high-priority components, a quality winch system usually naturally finds its way to the top of the list. 

Power Winches for Easy Escape

The lure of proving your vehicle’s escapability is enchanting and sometimes leads to trouble. More than once an intrepid off-roader has wound up stuck in a precarious position, unable to advance or retreat. If you’ve ever tried to pull several tons with tow straps, you already know the benefit of power winches.

The importance of the winch for easy escape can’t be understated but the other critical criterion for a successful operation is minimal damage to either vehicle. This is where the electric winch’s ability to pull something slowly and with great power proves its worth. It takes coordination between both drivers to maneuver the vehicle to safety without causing harm to either. 

Winches inspire confidence in a realm where getting stuck is an occupational hazard. They are so versatile as to be useful in virtually any environment, from deep mud to running water to boulders and steep graded, uneven terrain.

Proper Winch Maintenance

Just like being outfitted with 37 inch tires doesn’t necessarily mean you can climb over any obstacle, having a winch on board doesn’t automatically pull you out of trouble. It must be kept clean and well maintained to ensure maximum performance.

The popular technique for cleaning a winch is to first unroll the winch cable from the drum. You can manually pull it out if you set it to neutral, but it’s worth it to let the motor do the work so that you can see if it’s working properly. You’re looking for big strands in the ropes and kinks in the cable, which are indicative of corrosion and fraying.

When examining the drum, look for rust and damage and consider applying a rust protector. Check out the wiring for weathered insulation and corroded connections. Remember when you’re rewinding your Smittybilt winch x20, you should do it under tension because tension is what holds the drum and the cable together.

Proper maintenance for a winch involves preserving its integrity against rust and corrosion. This means that when you return after an outing with a dirty vehicle, your cleaning routine has to be top-notch. All of the moving parts need to be cleaned, dried and then lubricated and cleansed of mud, sand, dirt, water and other contaminants that promote wear. 

A strong, properly functioning winch system can be the difference between driving your rig out of the backcountry or waving goodbye to it while riding in the back of your buddy’s. When your vehicle needs to be pulled by something that can provide slow, steady power in delicate situations, nothing else will do. Visit an online auto parts store to see the latest in winches and off-road parts and accessories to keep you safe when negotiating the backcountry.

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